How many months worth of your monthly income do you have in your savings account?
I actually mean this in relation to your monthly income. I am not asking to post how much you earn, or how much you have in your savings account.

I usually aim to save 40% of my basic income every month after other expenses, even though the actual target falls between the 20 -35% range.

I have a very simply formula when it comes to money: save some, spend some and keep some- which has proven quite effective over the years.

It isn't just enough to simply put aside a portion of your income though, as I have noticed that idle funds will eventually be spent/wasted. I also encourage that we have specific targets for why we are putting aside a portion of our incomes for more saving effectiveness


1 ,or 2. I'm still young and I've been spending most of the little I've been earning. 

I expect my earning to double or triple in next 5 years, so that should change few things.