We've found a sparrowhawk with a hurt wing in our garden. We caught it and brought it safe inside. What should we do now?

1. Disinfect if there are any open wounds. Iodine solution. Use water with salt for irrigating the wound. 

2. Immobilize the broken wing because it mind end up hurting itself more when it attempts to fly. 

3. Pluck off dead feathers to see the body better. It will grow back. Feathers that barely attached to the skin no longer serve their purpose. 

4. Put in some food and water because recovery will make it hungry. 

5. Apply cover to container where it is to reduce environment stress during recovery. 

6. Hope for the best or take it to the vet. 


Well then the best solution is still to entrust a professional but it is true that if this veterinarian seems not too kind (he could simply euthanized because there have been dogs and cats ...)

But otherwise, if it is to regain some strength, it will be necessary to make a small mixture with the following ingredients:

- minced meat (for the forces)

- a little egg yolk (because it's full of vitamin (I think?))

- small pieces of crushed bone (rest of chicken, or ground meat so thin that it does not choke and it is for the calcium for the bones it can be useful)