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If you died today, how many people would be at your funeral?

Hmmm.....This is breathtaking. I can't believe my heart skipped a bit after reading this question because of the word "Death". I was pondering over some of the deeds i had done to different people hoping they would come to my funeral if they all heard that i am no more.

To answer your question, i don't really think it's possible for you to know the number of people who will come to your funeral when you are dead except your family members and your few trusted friends.   

 The fact is that the number of people coming to your funeral actually depends on three factors. I will list and explain the three factors involved in this case.

  • THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE YOU KNOW : The number of people you know will actually determine the amount of people whom will visit your funeral. You can't compare people who have many friends and family to some people with low friends and low family.We can observe that there will be more people telling others and inviting more friends to that who knows alot of people than that who only knows few people.

I have once been to a Muslim burial ceremony such that we were even less than 20 who took part in the burial ceremony of one man. Actually, i am schooling in a remote area just like a village whereby the community members themselves aren't even much or plenty compared to the number of students schooling in that area. This environment is a little bit populated with their own people before a school was established which added more to the development of the environment and also the increase in population of the area. 

 Sometimes when we go home for vacation,these villagers do feel sad and bored because they are gona be few in number and the place will be boring and mute again just like it was before our school got established there.

I just had to attend the funeral of that villager when my friends forced me to come along with them since the deceased was also a Muslim. like i stated earlier, we just very few in number who took part in the funeral possession. This is really happening because of the environment of the deceased. You can't expect larger group of people to come to such funeral because the environment itself is lowly populated.

 There was also another scenario that happened in a developed environment such that they were great number of people who attended the funeral of the deceased woman due to the number of friends she knew and also the population of her environment.

The number of people you know may actually determine the number of people who will attend your funeral when you are no more.

  • YOUR INFLUENCE:    Your Influence also determin es the number of people who will attend your funeral. The more  popular you are the more people will attend your funeral. I am sure you do hear about the death news of some great celebrities such that the world will even know that this celebrity is no more. This is due to their influence.

Influential people isn't only related to celebrities alone,there are other people who are influential in one way or the other such as a pastor of a certain community or an Imam of a region or leaders of association and many others. These type of people tend to have more people in their funeral due to their influence and popularity.

I will share an experience which explains this point. Actually, i was about performing my ablution when two of my friends came to me telling me that the imam of our community is dead. I was shocked on hearing this  because he led us in the last Eid prayer which wasn't much longer. I then decided to neutralize my sad state by scrolling on my feeds on Facebook.

The astonishing part was that the news of this imam was just trending on my facebook feed. Everyone was just posting pictures and uploading different status and posts regarding his death. When it was time for his burial, i can't really count the number of people who attended his burial because they were just too much.I also felt like going but my mum didn't want me to go due to the large amount of people present there. 

This was born to happen due to the influence and popularity of this person. Similar scene can be observed from that of Micheal Jackson,2Pac, and many  other dead celebrities you can think of. This implies that the more popular and influential you are, the more people will visit your funeral.

  • YOUR CHARACTER : This should also be added to the list because the more you are good to people, the more people will want to be with you. Your attitude and character towards people matters alot as an individual because you can either gain more people with it or you loose more people.  

People with good character and conduct are naturally attracted by people which makes people want to be with them. I know of people who became very popular today due to their good character and conduct towards people. This means you can gain more fame if you are good in dealing with people positively. This connotes that you help them and support them as this type of attitude adds more to your influential nature as an individual.

Most people with great character tend to have more people in their funeral when they are no more because their news of goodness spread like they are posthumus which makes more people want to know more about them and it creates more people in their funeral possession because their news of goodness which is spread by people who already knew them invites more people to their funeral.

In conclusion, you don't really have to be bothered by the number of people whom will visit your funeral apart from your family and your trusted friends. I think you should be more bothered about the work or legacy you've laid down for yourself before you become a deceased. We have the opportunity now since we are still alive and always remember the number of people visiting your funeral may not determine ones's success in the grave but your good deeds and conduct matters alot.

 Thanks for reading and i hope this helps.


Death is a sad reality Every person which came in the world has to left the world one day leaving all the things in thus world 

One day i was thinking if today i will be dead how many people will came on my funeral

The people in funeral will decide about the person who is death Being a Muslim its a duty of a person to reach at funeral

In my funeral first of all my family and relatives will be present The important part my neighbours will also present Neighbour are the only humanities which will be first on your joy and sadness

Slowly slowly the news of my death spread all around the person who knows my father,mother,grandfather came on my funeral because of their relation with my family and being a Muslim

My fellows like class fellow,school fellow will also come last but not the least the persons who hates me will also come not in sadness but in jolly mood because i am no more fir them

Alas a bad thinking but reality how much people will be in funeral can,t be countable because i was not present to count them


It varies on a lot of things, I've seen funerals where only the immediate family attended - even though it was a public visitation - so there were about 15 people. However, the person had Changed town for years and there weren't many family members active in the community. I've also seen funerals where there were over 600 people total. It varies based on who has known the deceased, how active they were in their community, have they been in the area or did they move away, how active the family members are in the community, etc. Overall, I Think it’s varies, most people can expect between 60 - 100 people.


I think if I die today there will not be anyone at my funeral and on the top of that either my landlord or police will cremate me and that is really sad but that is true as well. I am an absolutely individual entity at the moment.

Thank you and Have a great day.