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What do you like about Musing over Quora besides the payments?

The absence of advertisements and links that bring me to other website. Nowadays, Quora is flooded with advertisements, clickbait questions that redirects you to another website, and other similar Q&A. I understand Quora needed to make money from ads, but these are fast becoming spamming and abusing us as users.

Musing on the other hand, runs on the Steem blockchain and has its own source of revenue. I hope Musing will continue to operate without the need for commercial advertisements.

However, Musing still has lots and lots of room to catch up to Quora. I could spend hours browsing questions and answers on Quora. But on Musing, the questions and answers are just too low quality at the moment. Just head over to Quora and you will know what I mean. I hope things improve here soon.


Well I have not been in here for that long but as far as I have seen with the question in here especially related to Steem they were something that really attracting me towards Musing. 

The will to help others with the answers that I know of about Steem Blockchain, life is something that I really like about Musing . It really act as a bridge between those users who are looking for answers and who are giving those answers.

While the Curators are constantly looking for good answers and questions. Those gets appreciation from the curators are working really hard to make their  communication/answers more of quality.

As it runs on Steem Blockchain it really makes it easily accessible for the users of Steem as well.


I have heard about Quora but never seen it or used it. Why would I go and look now if Quora is any good when I have musing. This takes enough time and I get rewarded sometimes too.


I like the way the musing.io interface was designed and i love the way someone can easily ask questions or answer questions on the platform,i also love the fact that musing.io consumes less internet data which is a great thing for people that have high cost of internet data in their country...