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What is a good natural way to prevent or beat a simple cold (running nose)?

Eat Fresh And Healthy:

At the point when it's cool outside sustenances may offer solace. Eat regular sustenance, you will get bunches of various sorts of new products of the soil amid winter, similar to citrus, carrots, pumpkin, and spinach They are loaded with flavor and gives an alternate arrangement of smaller scale supplements.

Drink bounty:

Drinking a lot of liquid is essential for guaranteeing an expedient recuperation from chilly and influenza since it flushes out the disease.

Keep warm:

Hotter body temperatures seem to help keep the chilly infection from spreading, in different ways, so keep yourself warm.

Zinc and Garlic:

The mineral zinc is basic to help battle colds and give a lift to a hailing safe framework, Zinc and Vitamin C are incredible for chilly.

Taking a little measure of garlic day by day amid winter may likewise diminish the recurrence of colds and influenza.


Rest, drink hot drinks and give it time. 

Bonus info:

I've read somewhere (no idea how realiable) that when coming down with the cold you should have an effervescent zinc and vitamin C tablet. If you take zinc and vitamin C very soon after the first symptoms appear, that can help nip the infection in the bud. It's supposed to have something to do with making it harder for the virus to latch onto uninfected cells on your mucous membranes in the throat or something.


Taking medication and resting is the best way to deal with a cold attack. But for those of you who are reluctant to take medication, are there other ways to overcome colds?

6 ways I share this can cure colds.

1. Inhale hot steam

According to Professor Steve Field, chairman at the Royal College of General Practitioners, colds are a collection of various viruses and the body's immune system response to attacks of these viruses causes symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes.

2. Drink warm drinks

Warm drinks are very effective, according to Professor Ron Eccles, director of the Common Cold Research Center at Cardiff University.

A study found that the effects of warm fruit drinks on the airways and cold symptoms were very positive.

3. Eat chicken soup

Chicken broth which is a home-based ingredient has properties to relieve colds. Its delicious vegetable steam will relieve a stuffy, moisturizing and soothing nose.

4. Drink water

"When the body is fighting infection, the body becomes dehydrated," said Dr. Rob Hicks, author of Old-fashioned Remedies From Arsenic to Gin.

That's why you need lots of fluids. When you feel thirsty, it's a sign that you are starting to become dehydrated. So routinely drink water when a cold strikes.

5. Release stress

The stress of everyday life makes you vulnerable to colds, says Professor Eccles.

"Experiments on volunteers show they are easily infected with colds if they have just had a problem," he explained.

6. Keep your body warm

One way to prevent colds is more severe is to keep the body warm. When the nostrils become cold, the body's immune system also becomes less functional. Likewise if the body temperature drops, "said Dr. Rob Hicks.


 yes, there are effective ways to overcome your problem.

In  my place, the way to deal with running nose is to keep the feet warm,  whether by soaking them with warm water, or using socks, or using more  modern tools.