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How do you convince your partner that you really don't cheat?
It hurts when honesty has no meaning.

This is a super interesting question... I feel like there is so much context behind these 9 words.

Firstly, people are extremely complex, so there are no right or wrong answers for a question like this... what works in one relationship might not work in another relationship.

Secondly, is the mistrustful party acting out of insecurity, or are there reasons that they might be mistrustful?

If someone is being extraordinarily jealous or keeps thinking everything is a sign of cheating... then they may not be ready for a relationship. Relationships take a lot of work, they're actually really hard, and not suited to everybody.  If someone is being super jealous, they might have some deep-seated insecurities that they need to deal with, or they might be trying to be controlling or manipulative.  

If this is the case, then this party has a lot of work to do on themselves... and might be better off single for a while.

Thirdly, if the mistrusting party is lacking in trust because of a couple of events or incidents where the other cheated, nearly cheated or might have cheated, then this is a completely different story.

If both parties are being honest, and the person who isn't trusted probably would cheat if given the opportunity, then there aren't really any words you can say to convince your partner otherwise... because those words would not truly be honest.

If someone has cheated in the past, but absolutely has no intention of doing it again, then there are a few things they can do to regain the trust of their partner:

1.) Don't put yourself in situations that might be perceived as good for cheating.

2.) Always let knew people know that you are in a committed relationship. People really don't often chase after someone who is taken, the chance of rejection is way too high.

3.) Let your partner know that they really are special to you.  Do it frequently and never at times where you might want something.

4.) Be brutally honest at all times... even over white lies. Don't use that as an excuse to be mean, but just be completely honest always.  It's actually very liberating, and while you might upset your partner occasionally, they'll trust you so much more in the long run.

I hope you're able to work through these issues.  I wish you the best.

Hope this was helpful!


I think that if this question has been asked then there are already suspicions that you are cheating and if that is the case then it will be very difficult to prove that you don't. The seed of doubt  has been planted and that is very difficult to erase. This could be because of past behaviors, have you cheated before  or it could have more to do with your partners insecurities. But either way this is a difficult one. 

We can reassure someone that we will not cheat, we can shower them with love. But that paranoia will remain, I really don't know if it is possible to convince someone who has these thoughts. Because they have them for a reason. Possibility this is the best approach, identify why they think you would cheat and work from there. Getting defensive is definitely not the right way to go. 

Being gentle and taking things slow, really talk out the doubts and maybe ask your partner what they want from you, ask them to answer this question, because maybe it is because they are seeking something but do not know how to ask. But open honest communication is key and then go from there, but still as I mentioned earlier that seed of doubt has been planted and that seed has very strong and stubborn roots. 


Actions speak louder than words. Only with your actions can you convince your partner of your fidelity. Words don't mean anything if your actions are contrary to your to your words.

You can't say that you're not cheating but you're always talking to other girls. Or constant late nights with little or no explanation.

Girls that are in a relationship are very cautious when it comes to thier spouse. And that suspiciom leads to investigation which will lead to results.

If you want to prove your loyalty, show it.


You shouldn't need to.

If you are in a relationship you shouldn't be cheating. There has to be a trust element.

I would never lower myself to my partner to show and have to prove something. If you have trust issues like that then your relationship is not secure and I would rather walk away.


People are slanted to questions, uneasiness, and from time to time even anxiety, now and again. This is brilliantly customary. A portion of the time those inquiries or anxious/nervous thoughts may be about a relationship, especially your sweetheart may have these inquiries and insights about your ability to be committed. Maybe he developed these examinations by virtue of a specific event, or conceivably they occurred because of things he was told by mates. Regardless, there are a couple of things you can do to show to your playmate that you are not cheating and in a perfect world ameliorated him. 

 Showing Your Boyfriend You’re Faithful

1. Discuss your sweetheart's contemplations and feelings. In case you theorize your sweetheart thinks your tricking, anyway he hasn't said anything to you concerning it, ask regarding whether you can have a certified dialog with him. Reveal to him you think something is upsetting him and ask regarding whether he feels extraordinary chatting with you about it. Reveal to him you should be there for him, paying little mind to what's upsetting him, and that you have to help in any way you can. Check out what he says with an open perspective and endeavor to compel any programmed reactions or judgements.

* Ask him if there was a specific event or situation that struck make him push you were conning. If there was, discuss the purposes of enthusiasm of the condition and have him illuminate why it made him think you were deluding. 

* Explain to him your perspective of the event or situation. Moreover perceive that you can fathom why he may have confounded the event as an indication of deceiving and ask what you can do to guarantee it doesn't happen afresh. 

* Discuss and yield to an approach to guarantee a misguided judgment like this never happens again. This may fuse you changing your lead towards other men, or your sweetheart promising to raise any conditions that have made him uneasy. Assurance to be more open with each other later on. 

2. Evaluate your own conduct and practices. Once you've had a chance to talk with your lover about his examinations, you should stop for a moment to survey the specific practices or exercises you may have had that caused him concern. Is it possible that your exercises were to be blamed? Is it precise to state that you were maybe unnecessarily demure with someone else without thinking about it? Or then again were your exercises absolutely sensible and his reaction was irrational?

* Now that you have a prevalent appreciation of where your lover is beginning from, you need to settle on a decision. Is it possible that he's asking for that you change your lead to be another person? Or then again is the thing that he asking absolutely sensible the circumstance being what it is (i.e. that you're not single)? 

* If you have to make the relationship work, by then make an exchange off with your lover and alter your exercises and also can be normal. 

* If you feel your lover is requesting exorbitantly from you, think about whether this is the sort of relationship you genuinely should be in. Maybe your sweetheart is too much overprotective and you require someone who gives you to some degree more opportunity. Or on the other hand maybe your exercises portray your real feelings towards your sweetheart, and you not using any and all means happy in your relationship. 

3. Raise that you're unequipped for being boggling. Being prepared for undermining someone requires the ability to swindle, lie, and be dubious. Very few people can accomplish this without some outward signs of apprehension or stress. Likewise that a couple of individuals are only unequipped for the wide lying that would be required while undermining someone. If your playmate guesses you may undermine him, get some data about your personality. Is it amazingly the kind of character arranged to do such cheating? Are you greatly the kind of person who could lie dependably to someone's face? 

* In various conditions, your sweetheart may know "reality" where it checks inside, yet it doesn't keep him from being to some degree questionable or inconsistent. Enabling him to really survey the basis of his questions may empower him to discard the vulnerability and shortcoming he has.

4. Demand that your sweetheart continue running with you when you go out with another sidekick. Make them start late advances toward finding the opportunity to be accomplices with someone else? Have you been having a vital degree of fun contributing time with this new amigo, and possibly not contributing as much centrality with your sweetheart? It might be this change has him suspicious. Despite the way in which that you can comfort him you're essentially contributing essentialness with a buddy, he may even now be in shortcoming. Since you don't have anything to cover, welcome him along at whatever point you contribute essentialness with your companion.

5. Demonstrate that you are so anxious to have your sweetheart around. Associations where one section is hoodwinking as a rule have a lot of various signs that something isn't right. One such sign is the nonattendance of correspondence or intensity between the couple. If you can exhibit your lover in spite of all that you value investing energy with him, that you by and large make courses of action to do things together, that you acknowledge quiet time alone, and that you can pass on sufficiently, he'll comprehend that it would have all the earmarks of being fantastical you're undermining him. For what reason would you contribute that much vitality with someone you don't by and large think about? For what reason would you be that anxious to see him in case you supported someone else?

6. Point out that your sexual encounters haven't changed. Couples who aren't having relationship issues regularly have a sound sexual conjunction. They may endeavor new things now and again, yet they're wonderful with the end goal to what their associates need and need. Obviously, both of you may be too much exhausted or stressed over something else to need intercourse on a specific night, anyway it doesn't happen constantly. In case your sexual concurrence with your sweetheart is exceptional, and you pass on satisfactorily about what you both need in bed, it should empower your lover to recognize you not likely undermining him.

It is possible that your sweetheart is essentially flimsy. Potentially he doesn't think he makes you happy in bed, or that he's done something inaccurately. His cerebrum may in a split second influence that you should need to search for something better elsewhere. He may require some reassurance that he's either settling on the best choice in bed, or you may need to set aside the chance to uncover to him what you require.