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Has there been any world class football managers that were world class strikers?

I definitely do not think so, most former players who have gone on to become coaches and managers were either midfielders or defenders it's very difficult to pin point out a striker except maybe you Johan Cruyff, who wasn't even a full striker but an out and out striker who could also play the 10 position and who may just be the only one . If you speak about managers who we're defenders or midfielders I will probably mention a lot for you, for example if you talk about roberto di matteo , or you mention zinedine zidane frank lampard but of course all these players who were once legends are mostly midfielders and defenders.

In my opinion strikers will definitely find it difficult to become managers because managing starts from the defence I'm most of the players who has gone on to become managers have mostly built their team from their playing position in their club days , so the only player who has gone on to coach is Johan Cruyff and was also a striker however like I mentioned earlier he wasn't a full striker he was a supporting striker and sometime could play in the number 10 position so this is basically only him for now

We also have kenny Dalglish and Andriy shevchenko but these two had a very terrible coaching career, Dalglish failed with liverpool in his very short stinct of three years and Shevechenko  didn't do so much as a managers on his end,  they were both top strikers in their playing days but however when they dived into coaching career or managerial career they didn't do so well and since you asked of successful managers who used to be strikers I will never mention this to because these one's aren't successful.

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There have been a few but funny enough the best managers are sometimes not even ex players.

Johan Cruyff is the top striker of his era that became a top class manager. He was known for bringing total football to the Ajax team.He played for Holland, Barcelona and Ajax as their striker and went on to manage Barcelona and Spain after he retired from playing.

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