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Do you think Samsung is loosing the battle for smartphones customer?

Smartphone companies are all striving to be number one. These companies are contact Ltd developing and researching new ideas. This is what makes phones so expensive. In the end.

If we go.back over the last 20 or 25 years we can see how things change.

Nokia was number one in the early nineties and was so dominant worldwide. They didn't see what was coming and BlackBerry took over the number one spot. These two.giants have never recovered but who knows what they will come up with next.

Apple stormed into the spotlight with its series of Iphones. Samsung saw something that they didn't and stole the market share from them.

The lead regarding world wide dominance has changed hands a few times so Samsung may be the dominant phone today but you are as only as good as your latest model.

I have heard Samsung are working on a flexible screen and that is very innovative.this is the kind of thing they need to do to stay number one. Development and outdoing your competitors is huge so who knows how long they can stay in front.


There's a fierce competition between companies, there are so many of them.

I used to have great respect for Samsung, I've always wanted one since it was a respected name on the market. Then I finally got to buy one, and wasn't satisfied with it at all. I had so many problems with the device that I don't want to hear about Samsung for a while.

Then there was the  Samsung Galaxy Note 7, phones catching fire, blowing up. A scandal like this can heart a company and can cause a drop in credibility, no question about that. 

However, according to an article here https://www.wired.com/story/the-best-smartphone/ about the best smartphones of 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9 is 4th. This means people still trust Samsung. 


I don't know about it in other areas but in my region i don't think so. Most people are owners of the Samsung family of mobile phones. It is considered the trending brand in the market so i will say it is still on top. On a personal level, i fell out with Samsung not too long because of many reasons. Others are also seeing thesame reasons i did and are considering other brands. So i will say it is on the verge of losing its customers if these worries are not expressed. Some of them include: their high cost, battery life on the top of the list.

Truth be told, my last phone was a Samsung galaxy phone worth about 100000XAF but the phone i use right now is itelS33 which is 55000XAF. Almost half the cost of the Samsung phone but ironically, it beats my former samsung phone in all categories like storage capacity, RAM, Camera, battery life etc.

Right now, i don't see myself wasting so much money on a samsung smart phone whose capacity is not very reflective of its price.

Samsung might not be losing so many smartphone customers but they have definitely lost me.