Should a student owing debit invest in the stock market?

Entirely their personal choice, there is no absolute "should."

IF they know what they're doing and making an intelligent decision based on a very solid understanding of the fundamentals AND risks, it could be a wise decision.

If not, it could be a stupid gamble.

Either way, there's still no firm "should" - only options for a personal choice of different experiences, in the end of which they either gain financial profit OR experience & lessons.


In general? If said loans are subsidized and come with a particularly low interest rate, then investing some of the money in the stock market might be a really good idea depending on the time of entry into the market. I wouldn't invest a single cent in the stock market right now, particularly borrowed money. If I were a student, I'd need money after graduating because I'd have to get a place to live in so I wouldn't invest too much.

First rule of speculating investing is never invest more than you can afford to loose. I personally only invest in speculation only 2% of my earnings.
Never invest a loan/debt in any speculative trading i.e. stocks,crypto etc.
You only invest an amount that you can burn yourself and not feel any anxiety about it.

When you invest in a speculative trade you don't count that as your asset. You write that off from wealth.
It's probably not going to be profitable to invest compared to paying off your debt instead. But it all depends on how high interest you have on your student loan.
If it is student debt or a mortgage, then no problem. But if it is credit card debt, it makes no sense. Credit card debt interest is often 18%. Markets have historically given 10–10.5%. The maths tells you to get rid of the debt first.

Moreover, it often makes sense to have 2–3 months liquid savings in the bank before investing, just in case of an emergency.

So I would say, the answer is no 90% of the time. Invest with surplus cash not borrowed cash.
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i would say no, first clear your debts and save up some investment before investing otherwise you will be stuck. crypto market or stock market are not going anywhere anytime soon so better quickly pay off your debts and then focus on investment without worrying about debts.
As far as i know, It really doesn’t matter, whether you are a student or professional or a business person. You may be at any phase of life; you can invest your money. It’s always good to invest money, the more you invest, the early you invest, and the better it is. To be an investor or a trader, u should know the functioning of the market, and what are the requirements to be fulfilled by you to put in money in the market. For the rest of the technicalities, there are professionals available in the market to help you at every step of the trading. One advisory firm that is best in this field is Advisorymandi. It provides a unique platform for investors, traders and SEBI Certified Research Analyst. These Analysts provide best advisory in the 3 specialities of market, i.e., Equity, Commodity and Currency.Well, Before Investing in the market, we all must know

1. What is stock market:

It is a place where shares of public limited firms are traded in the market, from where you can buy and sell shares .

2. From where will you buy or sell share:

A retail investor can’t buy or sale shares directly from the exchange. He needs to go to broker, who will help him to buy and sell shares from the exchange. There are many brokers available in the market, with whom you can associate with to trade in share market. These brokers charge a minimum fee to help u trade in the market, and this charge is called brokerage.

3. Which script to buy or sell and when?

There are 1000s of stocks listed over exchanges, so to make money , it is very necessary to put your money into right stock and at right time. Being novice, we must take expert advice. Problem arises, as there are number of individuals who self acclaimed experts with no authenticity. So look for advisors who are SEBI registered and have good experience. There is a portal in India, called Advisory Mandi (as i told before) which provides, advices from SEBI registered analyst only .

Once you know the basic working of stock market, have a broker and good advisor, you are good to go, and start with your share market trading.

4. Open a demat:

To start to trade , you need to open a Demat account with a broker of your choice. Demat account is a bank of your shares in electronic form. To open a Demat account, u ne4ed a bank account , your PAN card, and a identity proof and address proof.

5. Once you fulfil all documentation for the Demat account and your Demat account is operation, you can start to invest and trade.

P.S:: When you start to trade and keep following market, after a period of time, you won’t be requiring advices, as you will turn to be your own advisor.

I am a student and I think the risks would be too great for any student to handle.. Stocks are a playground for calculative analysis. it needs expertise, experience and patience. For students all these qualitys might be a resource which they should grow into. but alongside with study that becomes somewhat hard..