Can blockchain technology be applied to documents?
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Of course you can, with the increasing number of projects from new developers who come up with various concepts, continue to emerge every day, it seems blockchain technology can indeed be implemented in various aspects and fields of life, applied to company documents to be more secure, especially in the banking sector, transportation, industrial sector, log book, e-commerce or digital transactions etc. moreover with the development of the age, surely blockchain technology will also continue to grow as well.

Lots of exploration of the concepts of blockchain technology that can be applied. In Russia, for example, the financial sector is used for the efficiency of banking transactions and is used in calculating the votes of the public at the time of the general election. save medical health records, clinical trials, health data and be audited with blockchain technology.

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You can, because every data you enter into the Blockchain technology will be encrypted from the beginning to the present with 100% accuracy stored. When you have entered data into the Blockchain technology stream, the data cannot be changed again, and the access that many people have can prevent data forgery.

So that Blockchain is not just financial data that you can enter, patient data between hospitals to other hospitals can also use this Blockchain technology system, how not? For example, if you are sick and you are given a diagnosis of hospital A which is then referred to hospital B, then your diagnosis data will be 100% valid with a short time so that miscommunication can be avoided especially to malpractice.

So, Blockchain can help in keeping every data you store, to the security of each of your data in order to keep it 100% verified and validated anytime and anywhere.

Blockchain technology can absolutely be applied to documents. For example (URL source below) a lawyer wrote an article for bravenewcoin.com about how blockchain can prove the existence of a document without revealing the contents of the document. Programs such as medicalchain.com plan to use blockchain technology to securely store and maintain health records. It is also possible (URL source below) to use blockchain technology to help secure online copyright protection.



Good question:- Blockchain technology can be applied to documents because if government agree we can have some proofs of earning to file our income tax return so it is beneficial to have some blockchain documents and KYC is the thing which we have to complete if we are working for any industry or blockchain.