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What is the best food or drink for accelerate the metabolism?

Ice water with lemons and cucumbers is supposed to be really good for your metabolism.  Drinking as much water as you can is going to be a huge benefit to you.  Being properly hydrated impacts many of your bodies systems.  Much more than you probably think it does.

Second, spicy foods are supposed to be very good for boosting your metabolism.  Spicy foods have capsacin that helps to boost your metabolism.  If you can handle much spicy food, it will be in your best interest to eat as much of it as you can.  

These too things should go a long way towards boosting your metabolism.  Aerobic exercise is also a good way to get your metabolism boosted.


To help speed up your metabolism, you can eat the following types of food:

1. Apple.

A study revealed that an apple had a low calorie level. However, the fiber content in the fruit is very large and heavy. Take apples and pears with the skin, because the skin that contains the most fiber

2. Green vegetable.

Various green leafy vegetables like spinach are not only high in fiber, but also calcium. "There is a study that found an association between calcium in weight loss," Plasker said.

3. Tofu or fat-free chicken.

Don't forget protein in your food. Proteins from these two foods help you form lean muscle tissue.

4. Rice.

Choose foods that are high in fiber, such as brown rice, oatmeal, and whole wheat bread. "Eating these foods makes you full faster, and means you can reduce the amount of food that enters the body," Plasker said.

5. Water.

"Many people think they are hungry, even though they are actually thirsty," Plasker said. So before you hunt for rice and side dishes, it's better to drink a glass of water first. In addition to making you free from dehydration, you also avoid snacking on foods that are high in calories.

6. Green tea.

A study shows that green tea can increase metabolism while functioning as an antioxidant and antiaging.

7. Spicy food.

Spicy food, especially due to the addition of pepper, serves to increase metabolism. Because, pepper contains the chemical compound capsaicin which can burn your metabolism faster.