What foods are unhealthy carbohydrates?

   Carbohydrates, one of the main nutrients, are basic elements, carbon, oxygen and organic compounds. These easily digestible substances are a source of nutritional energy and calories. It is found in foods such as sugar, starch and cellulose. Sugar, marmalade, jelly, syrup, honey, molasses, cocoa, chocolate, wheat, other cereal products and starchy, bakery foods, substances that contain the most carbohydrates. Hazelnut, protein and fat in a large proportion of carbohydrate as well as a very rich food. All milk products, fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates in varying amounts, as well as potatoes, carrots and lentils are also found in a significant proportion of food.

   Carbohydrates are among the substances that should be paid attention as much as the oils. Healthy carbohydrates contribute positively to the development of our child.

   Carbohydrates contain energy, so they carry out the task of refueling th body.

    Healthy Carbohydrates

■ Fruits and vegetables (fruit and vegetable juices)

■ Unrefined bran flour

■ Whole wheat pasta

■ Brown rice

■ Whole wheat bread

■ Foodstuffs containing cereals

■ Oatmeal

■ Barley


Generally those foods are unhealthy from a sugar metabolism point of view that raise blood sugar too quickly. The Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of this. A rule of thumb is that the sweeter something tastes the higher the GI. 

When excess sugar enters your bloodstream, insulin production is triggered. Insulin tells cells to take in the sugar. If there is a constant oversupply of insulin in the blood, cells will downregulate their sensitivity to insulin and you get insulin insensitivity which is a precursor to type 2 diabetes. Excessive sugar gets converted into fat in the liver triggered by insulin in the blood. When there's too much insulin in the blood, you can't lose weight because the breakdown of fat is triggered by a hormone called glucagon the purpose of which is to raise blood sugar level by causing the muscles and the liver to release glucose into the blood from glycogen storages in the muscles and the liver and to signal the breakdown of fat tissue for the purposes of powering cellular metabolism.  


I would say that if you do not suffer from diabetes, there would be no bad carbohydrates.

The problem is the excess of carbohydrates.

It is not the same to eat a cookie daily than to eat a box.

I'll give  you a list of healthy and non-healthy carbohydrates.

healthy  carbohydrates

Good carbohydrates provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and a list of important phytonutrients. Being rich in fiber, they provide the body with the essential nutrients and energy that is needed. At the same time, after these foods are consumed, the person will have a greater satiety and will be satisfied for a longer time.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Romaine lettuce.



Brussels sprouts.


Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries.


Fruit juices.

Limes and lemons.

Peaches and Pears



Beans, beans and legumes.

Raw nuts and seeds.

Dairy fat.

Whole grain pasta


Green beans and green peas.

Mustard leaves.

Turnip leaves.


unhealthy  carbohydrates

Bad carbohydrates are full of calories, lacking any nutritional and fiber value. Despite this, there are several products that have sweeteners, preservatives and various unhealthy additives, which are less able to avoid them. No doubt they are very refined and processed foods.

White bread.

White paste.

Sweet bakery products, such as cakes and cookies.

Processing of refined grains, such as white rice.

Puddings, custards and other sweets.

Jelly and jams.

Processed foods, like chips.