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What is the best gift for someone who saved your life?

Give him your friendship

Our human potential is so extensive, especially when we make use of love, sharing it with those beings who identify with us, with the spiritual levels we have reached, thus allowing us to feed our spirit for our growth.

The friend is the being who has identified with our soul, who has recognized it for its qualities, its actions and who considers it fair, equitable, noble, always ready to be useful. With the friend we share, we commune with our best thoughts, we invite him to grow, to be attentive in the daily living of the trials we must face to strengthen ourselves. With the friend we can share anecdotes, as in that Arab story he tells:

In an oasis a young man arrives, drinks water, takes a bath and asks an old man who is resting:

What kind of people are there? And the old man asks him, "What kind of people were there in the place where you come from? Oh, a group of selfish and evil people," replied the young man. I am delighted to have left there. To which the old man said, "You must find the same thing here.

That same day, another young man came to the oasis to drink water, and looking at the old man, he asked, "What kind of people live in this place? The old man answered with the same question: -What kind of people live in the place where you come from? A magnificent group of people," he replied, "honest, friendly, hospitable, it pains me very much to have left them. You will find the same here," replied the old man.

A man who had listened to both conversations asked the old man, "How is it possible to give two such different answers to the same question? To which the old man replied: -Every one carries in his heart the environment in which he lives. He who did not find anything good in the places where he was will not be able to find anything else here. He who found friends there will be able to find friends here, because to tell the truth, your mental attitude is the only thing in life over which you can have absolute control.

Many have expressed their feelings about friendship, according to their experiences and what has grown thanks to it, friendship is a gift because it allows us to live another life in addition to our own. It is to be able to live twice. And it is also reaffirming your own existence, because there is someone who wants it that way: unconditionally. In a friend we find full acceptance. Friendship is a gift because, in a certain way, it comes when and how it wants; it is not programmable; it simply arises, and it is like a gift, a gift that one receives. That communion of spirit that exists among friends, that dense and intense sharing, that living and being, without giving explanations, because these are not necessary for our mutual understanding, that finding the doors of the soul always open and welcoming for you, because it is you, is the incalculable treasure. It is not strange that the Greeks qualified friendship as a gift from the gods.


Unless you meant it figuratively that is a priceless gift no matter the situation.  I don't think anything materially can express the gratitude or reciprocate the enormity of life giving. I’ll call it that because presumably you would have passed on. Similarly, we can never give back at full capacity to our parents, especially our mother for bringing us into the world. As Beyonce said, "Are you thankful for the hips that cracked? The deep velvet of your mother and her mother and her mother?" 

No matter the joy, the sorrow, the pain, whatever story comes with your breath into the world, it would not have happened if two people did not come together to make life. There are 7.2 billion of us, the possibility that you are you is one. If we took a second to think about how fragile it is that we came to be, I think we would all appreciate our life a little more. On that note, the person that saved you has called upon that same love. 

For me, If I had the opportunity to save a life, the best gift would be for that person to live it to their fullest potential and to share love and life to all those around them. Don't squander it, make meaning, make the world better than it is. 


Life saving comes in different ways. It might be from illness , Accident or any other bad occurrences that nearly claim ones life before the saviour arrives. This experience will linger in ones memory for a long time and perhaps will never forget the challenging moment. Life is priceless but its very important to show some appreciation to the Life saver.

The status of the person that save your life would determine what gift you will offer. If such person is wealthy don't offer money. He has enough so it might not be really appreciated. Just try and figure out what he likes wearing(watch,spectacle,Necklaces, etc) and present it in a unique way. But if he is not financially okay, you can offer a reasonable amount you can afford, that will be really appreciated because it will help solve some financial problems.

That is just by the way. You need to go further beyond material things. Remember there is no amount of money/present you can offer that worth the rescue of your precious life. So pour out a heart full of gratitude and express it on a piece of paper. Write a well constructed thank you letter. This method isn't common these days due to technological advancement,so I believe it will be really appreciated and it can be archived for future reference.

You can also invite this person to your home for dinner. plan this with your family, treat such person to a good meal and unanimously shower encomium to show appreciation.

Finally,you can create a stone plate,metal plate or medallion with the person's name engraved on it just like a thank you award for being a life saver. It will be hung in his home and whenever it's seen, the effect of the life once saved will be felt.


This is one loaded question. I think replying back to you, how they saved your life is important. I think that sometimes even small acts of gratitude and gratitude daily towards others helps spread the positivity globally. If each person were to act that way. 

If someone saved my life, I would go about it in a methodical way. How they saved my life, do they seem like they are struggling or could use help in any way? If I can answer those questions then I would probably devise a plan in that respect. 

For someone who you say might have saved your life there are several ways to show gratitude and love. Often a nice handwritten letter describing what their help has done for you and how it has changed / continued your life. 

Also, you might find this interesting: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/cari-shane-parven/post_4291_b_3588893.html


The best gift I have ever given to someone is a gift that I give sincerely. The problem is I don't know which gift has the most impact on someone and whether I give it sincerely.

Thank you for this question, but sorry, I find it difficult to answer correctly and correctly. Let me continue learning so I can continue to give gifts to others sincerely.

What I reember is the best gift given to me by others, namely the life of God through my mother and father. I tried to treat this gift as well as possible as a sign of my gratitude for this extraordinary gift.


We do have different answer for this question, but there re things that we really must consider first.

In my case I have consider this . . .

  • Who is the person who saved my life?

I first think of that person, who really is that person that saved my life? Is he the person who blow my nose when I was still a baby because I can't breath? Is she the person that wager her life just to make sure I will be born safely? Is he the person who chase the dog that was chasing after me?

I really can't figure out who to these person will receive a gift from me, so I have decided to choose the person who make me on who I am today.

I do believe that he saved me, well saving once life doesn't always mean that the person we are talking about was in danger, it doesn't always mean that the person was in the verge of death, it doesn't always mean that the person was in the life and death situation of his/her life.

The person that saved me, was the one who honed the person who is writing to this moment.

  • He's the person that thinks about me
  • He's the person that always provide my need
  • He's the person that guide me to the right path
  • He's the person that allows me to experience life
  • He's the person that supports me all the way to all the things that I want to do
  • He is the person that have my biggest Thanks

So what will I give to him as a Present ?


Respect to him would be my gift, respecting him as a person, as a friend, as a father.

I would respect him and will always ensure that I will also guide him in times that he needs some guidance

I would respect him and will always ensure that I will lend a helping hand in the times that he needs help

I would respect him and will support him with all that I can

I would respect him and love him from the bottom of my heart