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Are Apple's products a waste of money? Why?

I only have an Apple iPod shuffle at the moment ant it was a gift, so I did not pay for it but it's definitely not a waste of money.

I've been using it for ten years and it still works perfectly. I'm listening to music while walking, meaning every day. It's in perfect shape, you can't see one single scratch on it, not even one! 

However, there is a new scandal every now and then regarding Apple for various reasons. I'm not going to list them here, you can look them up. 

To answer your question, it depends on how much  you earn, what are you looking for when buying a product, what do you value more and so on. Some say it's a waste of money, others are very satisfied with it.  Some people rather have a cheaper phone that knows as much as an Apple, others insist on buying Apple. 

If you ask me, I would buy another iPod any time without any regrets, even though now my phone can replace the iPod. I love it and nothing will change that. 

Based on my experience I'd say this iPod was definitely not a waste of money. Others who had a bad experience with an Apple product would say it is a waste of money, so I guess it depends on the experience one has or had. 


Apple products are not a waste of money. Or if. Depending on who the buyer is and what needs he has, or what qualities he values ​​most when buying a device in this category.

As Jota Benítez says, to work, especially with the models that he cites, they are amortized in a very comfortable way and have a longer useful life than other PC models that have to be updated.

Particular case, my desktop PC has undergone a complete remodeling in the last 4 years (The only thing that has remained constant are the power supply and the motherboard), which has made me invest twice as much money as initially I cost (Approx € 1,000, a total of € 2,000)

As for laptops, MacBook Pro seems to me a highly recommended option for people who want to use them as their main machine. I find it difficult to find a laptop with similar characteristics (or at least the ones I need) for less money.

As for Apple phones, the iPhone is known to have a high resale value, which makes the final cost of the device less than reducing it to its purchase price. I have personally made money with all the iPhone I have bought so far, and with this plan I lose as much as € 50 in a year of use.

The Apple Watch seems to me one of the best options in terms of available smartwatches, despite its high cost, the cardiac sensor, gps, music playback and connectivity make it completely worthwhile to me, even more than the Garmin Fénix. But that does not mean it's better for someone to run ultra long distance, for example.

The AirPods, while still expensive, I think one of the best purchases last year. There is not a day that you do not use them because they are comfortable and practical. There is no headset on the market that gives me the same functionality, although the audio quality is not the best, nor is it its function.

Other products such as HomePod, or Apple TV, also offer certain features that may be of interest.

But it is clear that they are not products for everyone. There are people who will not value the features that it offers, and will prefer another type of device. And that is the wonderful thing about the wide range that exists today, that each user will have a device that will adapt better to him and that there is none that is universally better for everyone.

Something that is normally true is that they are more expensive at the time of making the initial outlay. And there's nothing more to say there. If that is a problem, you have enough alternatives in the market to be able to choose any other device.

TL; DR: They are a waste of money if you do not use them or if you only buy them for the brand and not for your real needs.


Apple does make decent products, it's not that they are bad but it's expensive. You can get more value for your money by buying an android phone. I like Samsung more than Apple. Nowadays you also have a lot of good Chinese brands like Huawei and Xiaomi. 

When comparing 3 modern smartphones: Apple iphone xs (https://amzn.to/2GnDsG6) , Samsung galaxy s9 (https://amzn.to/2SpL69u) and xiaomi mi 8 (https://amzn.to/2Wz4DDI) the last phone from Xiaomi certainly wins. You get a better battery and more ram for even less money. 

I used to buy Samsung phones but my next one is going to be a Xiaomi.


Well, I won't say it is a waste because their products provide some form of utility. However, I think their products are a little too pricey. You can get other products with similar specs at a cheaper price. I believe other tech companies are matching up in terms of standard. And to be honest, Apple is some years back when it comes to technology. They only just improve on existing technology. For example, their phones. Most of the specs are not recent inventions. Other phone companies have been doing similar things but because of the hype, Apple gets to sell these phones for ridiculous prices.


From my opinion : 

1. In Steve Jobs era, no.

2. After Steve Jobs passed, yes.

When Steve Jobs was created an iPhone for the first time, that was a game changer in the mobile phone industry. I remembered the famous smartphones in that era was Nokia with their Symbian OS + Blackberry with their BBM. iPhone slowly started the trend of full touch screen phones even though the price was quite expensive at that time. 

After Steve Jobs gone, no major innovations anymore for Apple products, so it's a waste of money. Android devices has superior hardware + a lot of of apps on playstore with same(or cheaper) price than Apple products.