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What's the most profitable thing you got on Steemit/Musing?

As a breadwinner through the internet, Steemit has become a new and sure hope for me. I have used this platform since last September 2107. And this has given me a very extraordinary life, namely:

1. Through steemit, I now know what cryptocurrency is.

2. Through steemit I have become an amateur writer, even though this has never been imagined in my mind.

3. I have also felt great income here. Almost all of my debts are paid off.

Lately, I have seen the @musing.io application, and this has also made me more active and eager to manage this platform even though the bear market has saturated me. The @musing.io application has provided the best program to release my creativity. And also, has given me more knowledge through the questions and answers that continue to be shared by other Christian friends.

Thank you for the question.


I think the most profitable thing I have got is a new hobby with some friends. I never joined Steemit or musing for the rewards and it is still secondary.

Maybe when my account gets bigger and holds more value when Steem starts to increase in value I will change my thinking process. I am here firstly for the fun and the rewards are just a bonus. I think with this attitude you appreciate things more and don't mind sacrificing your time.

I wasn't looking for a new hobby but it has definitely filled a void I didn't know I had. I find it a way that helps relax me and take my mind of the every day grind of work.


I will keep on with my appreciation for musing, they have profited me in many aspects ranging from my education to finance then to a rebrand hope as well as give out my contribution through answers for impact. To be sincere with all honesty, the aspects I find most profitable on musing is the aspects that comes with **Earning** , adding more meaning to my finance .

I was on my internship last year December when I was introduced to steemit by a friend, before that time, I could do nothing for myself except I ask from my parents but after joining steemit, the story changed. The experience wasn't easy at all for a newbie like me, our post are hardly seen, no matter the effort I make in a post, it doesn't get noticed. It was almost discouraging until a friend I met on the platform told me about musing, it came in a different structure, everyone is appreciated no matter the status and I have build financially through it. Though little but it means a lot to me.


@Borna, Not profitable but I've received something really Awakening and that is, after spending 4 months on Steem Economy Full Time, one day after waking up from the dream, my innerself inspired me to write poetry about Steemit then from that point of time Poetry became my Niche, surprisingly before joining Steemit I've never wrote poetry in my life. So this Awakening made me more thoughtful and took me into the world of words and emotions. Stay blessed. 🙂