For what reason is it difficult for a few people to concede/acknowledge their slip-up?
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Okay, this is the explanation in my opinion. We all know that no human being is perfect and escapes error.

Even so, admitting mistakes is a difficult thing to do. This makes people who want to claim to be considered big spirits.

But what is the reason some people find it hard to admit their mistakes?

Some think it's worthless, for some people, admitting mistakes can arouse psychological anxiety because it is considered a failure or defeat.

Desire to be perfect affects their ego and they feel an error is an unforgivable thing.

Not recognizing mistakes makes them look strong, for some people, claiming wrong will make them look weak. There are also people who think they don't need to respect truth and honesty.



There have been times in my life where it was unusually difficult for me to accept my slip-ups (a.k.a. Mistakes), even to @emaferice.

It happened after making the same mistakes over and over again, and after being pointed out about it, I would change the topic or shift the blame.


Some of that has changed recently with the realization that everyone in this world is prone to specific types of reoccurring mistakes (a.k.a. slip-ups), and that the unavoidable slip-ups we all make, are largely determined by our personality.

After realizing that, it became easier to admit my mistakes & imperfection, since I now know that each and every personality that exists is prone to specific types of reoccurring mistakes (a.k.a. slip-ups).


People sometimes deny their slip-ups due to the frustration of not being able to prevent that mistake, out of fear of being pinpointed for making that mistake, and because of the discomfort associated with imperfection and flaws.


Understanding that everyone's personality is prone to specific (sometimes reoccurring) 'slip-ups' can make us more comfortable with ourselves, it can help us explain to others why we make some of the mistakes that we do, and it will ultimately help us acknowledge our imperfection, mistakes, and slip-ups.


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People will refuse to concede/acknowledge their slip-up for the following reasons:

Ego -Evey man has his ego. That ego is consciously fed and no one wants to lose his. Ego is what makes people feel they are always right and that their opinions will supersede others.

Competition - Some people want their thing to be like others, as such, conceding to a slip-up to them is a wack on their reputation.

Lack of self worth - Some people feel when they concede to a slip-up, it makes them less of whom they are. On the contrary accepting a fault is a sign of strength and positive energy.

Usually it has something to do with their pride. They do not want to admit they made a mistake. These people think it is a weakness if they admit to anyone that they made a mistake or did something wrong to others. In their mind, they are always right.  In their mind, being right means they are better than others. Or they are afraid to admit their mistake because they know the result will be more devastating than not admitting the truth. They may not be able to handle the effect of admitting their mistakes so they hide behind lies and deceit instead.

Some people are abusive to the point that they turn the blame on others when something goes wrong. They cannot accept their own mistakes because they want to believe they are perfect and they can do no wrong. Perhaps they are delusional, who knows? It all stems in their beliefs and what they were taught or whatever their culture is.

Those are some of the reasons I think other people find it difficult to admit anything they did wrong. 

I think this behavior has to do with the education we've received. Society seeks and urges us to be perfect, and to that extent we want to be, without realizing that we are all imperfect and that we make mistakes. Making mistakes is one of the most normal and habitual things we do, and depending on our way of assuming it, we will learn from them or simply continue to be deceived.

To say that we have made a mistake is to accept that we are not perfect, that we are not trustworthy people, that we have weaknesses, and unfortunately we will be pointed out by others who also make mistakes, but do not assume it. Then we do not accept our faults either, we put them under the bed, under the furniture, we hide them as the broken vase is hidden; or if someone discovers them, we choose to act crazy and point to others. 

Since the world is the world, people are shaking off guilt and responsibility, from our mistakes by blaming others for guilt. There is Adam who preferred to blame Eve, then came Evay who blamed the snake. When God asked Cain about Abel, he just played the fool. Not accepting our mistakes is part of our genes, of our human culture that seeks and desires perfection, without realizing that as humans we are imperfect and have the right to make mistakes and learn. 

A simple answer - not many would like to let it know that they are wrong. Almost all people are like that. It is hard for people to admit that they have made mistakes and so they do not let it know that they are wrong. They will not admit that they have slipped. 

The reason behind this is ego. 

Some people are abusive by nature. They do not consider the feelings of others and go to extreme lengths to ensure that they get what they want and stamp on anything that comes their way. 

Such people are the ones who generally do not concede defeat or admit that they are wrong or have done wrong. Even if they are confronted, they will not give in easily. 

What makes it so difficult to say that you are wrong?

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