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Would @neds Gross Reduction Of Steemit Staff Impact Positively On Steem Very Shortly?

@Ned's reduction of the steem.inc staffs does not have a purpose of impacting positively or negatively the only purpose of that decision by the CEO is because of the current price of steem and the fact that it could no longer pay for the services being rendered by these staffs it is not as if they were surplus to requirements this isn't true, but the truth is that they can't keep working without being paid hence the reason why they were laid off, (the price of steem, which @ned has no control over)

I've always said it, @ned doesn't control the steem price, he's only a CEO and not the 100& stakeholder on steemit, and steem isn't steem this is the basis of the question that you have just asked and I have definitely answered it now, so his decisions will not affect the price of steem negatively or positively his decision is only a measure that needed to be taken if you must know there are trying times on the blockchain now and people are cutting the cost of everything they do and this is not different from what ned has done.

His gross reduction (@ned) only serves his purposes and the blockchain's purposes alone and not for the price of steem. if you must know he's also a large stake shareholder and does not speak for the blockchain and that is the basis of decentralization. So he is not going to impact on anything neither will his decision to reduce his staffs. The only thing I see is him not having enough staffs to run his business and the project of the blockchain and this may mean that the blockchain may not function effectively however if it's sunday prices like you have suggested then it is definitely negative. His decisions will never affect the price of staying in anyway


Personally I think it was a good thing to happen. Steemit will grow through it's users developing Dapps. The platform will not be relying on Ned anymore after what happened. His actions woke many people up and they now see what needs to happen to take Steemit forward.

I think too many people had put him up as the leader of the platform. Yes they developed it and had a huge shareholding but it looks like they want to take a back seat and everyone else now pushes it to the next level.