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Who is to be faulted for Rape? A lady who put her self in a trading off circumstance or the man who exploited and saw that as an ideal reason for assault?

Everyone of us has his own preference when it comes to how we clothe ourselves. Some prefer to wear formal attires, some prefer to wear casual wears and some sports wear are their preference. However some prefer to wear revealing and sexy clothes waking up men's sexual urge.

But is it a reason that we blame women if they are raped?

For me, even how revealing or sexy a woman wears, it is not a reason for her to be blamed if sh gets raped. The ones to be faulted for this evil act should be the man who raped the girl. Their popular alibi after doing such heinous crime is they got tempted. Why did they not care to look away so they can't be tempted? The mere fact that they looked revealed their being perverts. How many women wearing formal attires still got raped? 

As a conclusion, the clothes you wear does not protect you from being raped or push you to be raped. Its just that the time you are wearing a revealing clothes, a pervert happens to be near you. As simple as that. The rapist should be condemned, not the victim.


The rapist is always at fault for no matter reason he claims to have carried out the act. There is a section in the Constitution that kick against rape while there is much freedoms for dressing and is not frown away by the Constitution. This makes the rapist at fault..

Secondly, rape is carried out by men who are not self discipline, they choose to assault people who are defenseless in other to quench their lust. Though mode of dressing could entice one but self discipline is enough to conquer it. I have heard of men who raped their daughters, could this also be for the same reason as being enticed by dressing?

Rape issue is a thought in an individual's mind that has captured the whole of this thinking ability and drives him into acting according to his drive . So the rapist is by default the one to be blamed, by Constitution he is also to be blamed, by societal view he is to be blamed, by moral, they are both to be blamed . But then in a general case. The rapist is guilty and would face the court which will penalize him accordingly.


The fault is always the one who committed the rape. No one should ever be raped under any circumstance, and anyone who commits a rape for whatever reason is a criminal.

The lady in your question is never, ever, ever to blame.

Obviously, some cases are more grey areas, there might be outside influences like drugs, alcohol or communication was unclear... but honestly, unless you have very clear consent from someone, you should never ever have sex with them.


Blaming the rape victim for being raped is usually charged with provoking the crime or putting oneself at risk. That would be blaming the victim, super stupid.

There's no excuse. Can't women go out in the clothes they like just because they're going to be raped by a morbid? 

Wearing short clothing does not cause rape. Getting drunk doesn't cause rape. Flirting doesn't cause rape. Walking alone does not cause rape. Nothing is the victim's fault. 

It is the rapist's fault.

The problem with this society is that it insists on teaching girls to "AVOID" rape, when they should teach not to rape. 

More those who think that the victim enjoyed the crime, or that it was all a lie, not only saving the rapist, but also endangering many more women. 


Saying the woman is to blame is what's called 'victim blaming' and it happens in no other crime than rape. Regardless of gender the rapist is always at fault, end of story. Because men can be the victims of rape as well, people just don't talk about it as much.

If I were to stab a man and then admit to it I'd be found guilty no matter what he was wearing, if he was in a high crime area, or even if he outright asked to be stabbed. There may be circumstances such as self-defense where I would be excused, but there is no such thing as self-defensive rape.

A person should be able to dress how they want within public decency laws and not be afraid. We should all be able to go out and have fun and walk home without fearing rape. For a lot of women I know the vast majority of their wardrobe is either conservative or only for in-home wear because if they dress even slightly skimpy in public they risk rape on the accusation they were 'asking for it' by dressing that way.

Rapists need to be held accountable for their actions. No matter the age or what the victim was wearing if the crime is admitted to they need to be punished. The victim is never at fault, never.

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I think both are the culprit. Tempting lady and committed person are equally responsible. However men involved in this crime should be punished more for exploiting and taking advantage of women weakness


Do you mean that question serious??? There is never ever a justification for such a vile inhumane act committed by a real scum bag. It is always the fault of the attacker. Said attacker is only a poor excuse for a human being. There are far too many individuals on this planet who still think that such a crime might in any perverted sense be justified.  Shame on all of them!