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Why did researchers become famous when they found something, which was published to the world?

My lecturer once told me that if you are able to do what others can't do or if you are able to discover what no one has ever discovered or done in their lives, you become very popular for your work.

This implies that you've impacted the world in one form of the other as a result of your invention or discovery. This is why most great men like Mark Zuckerberg who created a social media platform which helps for easy  communication between different people around the world known as Facebook. We also know of other people who are known for their great innovation and discovery because they were able to do what others can't do.

This applies to researchers also because they were able to make deep research and exploit the world due to their great effort to discover new things which maybe unknown to mankind. This is one of the reasons researchers get famous because they were able to impact the world by their research works helping us discover new things or things which we may not have knowledge about.

In conclusion, researchers are famous because of their impact in the world by discovering things which no on has ever discovered with the help of their research works. These set of people may also  make millions of money just to compensate them for their efforts or works adding more value  and knowledge to human existence.

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps.


I guess it really depends on what kind of research have been made. If it is beneficial to the world, it will definitely make that researcher or those researchers famous. Without these individuals, many important things would not have been found.

Researchers are usually scientist who are experts in their own field of research and basically do the necessary test to make sure what they do is of the Highest standard and quality. I guess the next few important research that would greatly benefit mankind would be on the cure of cancer and aids. Bill gates paid some researchers tons of cash for researching new ways to make toilets.

The element of time spend in finding gathering data and years spent to get a set of accurate data is something really tough to Do. Imagine a normal person wanting to just keep something routine is tough. Imagine having to keep repeating the same thing over and over while changing its variables and testing it out and testing. Sometimes some research yield no research.

I guess if Satoshi would have presented himself to this world his real identity in his research into money and time taken to make this world a more decentralized place, he would have won one of the top prize in research.


Striving for excellence is the requirement of every field. Human wants change that's why they love to view those things which are new. If you closely watch American idol, Indian Idol or any live singing contest people like and support those singer which are not copying any singer. Let's apply this example to research field. New research attracts more people. People sell what they see. This makes the researcher famous


Researchers become famous because their names are added on the book of Guinness record(book of excellence) and their achievement are spread worldwide . Such publicity is the main reason why they become famous people.

media start to take them for interview

Students read about them

People start utilizing their discovering on their daily activities


This engagement with media, schools and in our daily lives are the criteria for being renowned. They also start attending meetings with higher personnel and conferences which they previously were not engaged in.

The world have many researchers but their names are never mentioned except they prove a hypothesis and is being made a theory, only then are they mentioned