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Weku.io is also a decentralized social media platform which enables you to earn tokens known as weku and you can power up your weku.

It is just like Steemit where you can earn for earn for your activities just by creating content, upvoting people's posts, sharing content and this develops the system.

In conclusion it is just like Steemit.


WEKU is the first SAAS community network. This is actually a software-as-a-service (SASS) platform.

Community websites can be easily built for specific purposes. The contents are separated according to the purpose of the site


WeKu blockchain is very similar to the Steem blockchain. The white paper clearly mentions that it is based on Steemit and Graphene frameworks.  If you go to their platform website (https://deals.weku.io/) you will notice the similarity with Steemit

Like here on the Steem blockchain, WeKu too is about rewarding the content creators for their work. Their is crucial difference though, WeKu is going to make the reward system dynamic, unlike Steem. This means that the rewards can be adjusted at depending on the community.

Since the Weku is about different communities getting together, thus the reward system could be adjusted at the community level and can differ from community to community. This phrase from their whitepaper indicates that:

"customizable incentive mechanism for the creators of the communities will be provided to support the variable scenarios and growth stages of the communities"