How can one become successful in musing.io? people's are not getting their upvotes?what is their fault?what is their mistakes?what kinds of answers do musing expect?
I had watch that many people's are getting their upvotes whatever they are answering.but those who are new they haven't get a single upvotes from yhem.what it their fault.i hope this question will help them
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Musing.io is one of the best platform built on Steemit blockchain where you are able to earn more into your wallet just by asking and answering questions.

One of the aims of every Steemit Users is to be successful and one of the best ways of attaining success on Steemit is by making use of musing.io provided you know how it works.

There are different musing users with different experiences such that some earn very drastically using musing.io while some don't earn at all.

Some users earn very high just by providing answers to questions while some don't even earn at all because they don't get upvoted for the answers they provide.

If you fall in the later category, don't feel depressed or sad. I will show you some great tips on how to answer questions on musing.io which will help you boost your payout. Take your time and read, also don't forget to ask questions if you encounter any difficulties in understanding my write up.


* PROVIDE ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS YOU ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT: As the saying goes "You can't give what you don't have". How do you expect to answer questions you don't know about? Always make sure you answer questions you are knowledgeable about. Don't get too greedy for the income which makes you provide false answers to questions. This is a very bad notion because lot of people are may be misled by your answers. Also, answering questions you know will this will boost your confidence in providing answers to questions. This will enable you to write more about the question because you are already an expert in the field. This is one of the best ways of boosting your payout.
Do you know when you know more, you tend to write more. Have you ever thought that you can gain by just writing more about the asked question? This will be the second step of earning big using musing.io.

* PROVIDE QUALITY AND QUANTITY ANSWERS: If you were to be a musing curator, will you ever upvote an answer that is just 3 lines compared to someone who wrote an explicit answer with more than 3 lines? You would probably say NO.
That's the fact. Always ensure you provide quality answers to questions and make sure your answers are very explicit enough to the questioner. This factor can earn you very high payout because you may be added to the trending page on musing.io site. Also, you gain more followers by providing quality and quantity answers.
Always make sure you provide correct answers and make your post more explicit enough.

* CLICK ON "POST TO BLOG" : Do you think that post to blog icon is just there for fun?
You can earn more by clicking on post to blog because this will enable other Steemit users see your answers. Your write up will be seen by other users outside musing.io. This will also enable other users learn from your answer and you may get more upvote from different people (your followers) and others. Always remember after writing quality and quantity post, click on post to blog to ensure your work is seen by others.

* USE TAGS: Always remember musing.io is built on Steemit blockchain. If you are very good in the marking down tools, you can make use of it whenever you are typing on musing.io. Always try to tag people who are ready to support you and make sure your post is related to what you tag.

* SHARE YOUR ANSWER LINK: I am sure you a not new to this. Always try to share your link to those who are capable of supporting and upvoting posts. There are different discod channels such as @curie and many others.
Also, you can earn big by sharing your link on musing Discod channel in the necessary place.

* BE THE FIRST TO ANSWER QUESTIONS:This is one or the great secrets of earning big on musing.io. Always try to target new questions and provide quality and quantity answers to such questions.

* CONSISTENCY: Every successful people of today have the habit of "Not give Giving Up". Don't quit because you don't are earning very low. This is one of most Steemians experience. It is born to happen but we have to keep working hard and keep hoping for the best. Winners don't quit. Just keep answering questions by following the steps I listed and don't quit steeming. I sometimes don't get upvoted for my answers provided but that doesn't stops me from using musing.io. The more consistent you are, the more you know more about the system, t)and the more you earn big.

Thanks for reading and I hope this will help you 💗
I believe the best way to be successful on musing is to take your mind off getting upvotes and to concentrate instead on giving the best possible to questions.

You should answer questions that interest you and make your answers as detailed as possible and hopefully, the upvotes will come.
To become successful in musing.io we should write legit and proper answer of the given question if we not writting proper answer on which they had asked question then how we get upvote from the steem community so proper answer and proper understanding of the question should know proper then only you can write the answer.

People are not getting the upvote the reason behind it is that when you are writing the answer you should have proper knowledge on question in which your are writing the answer.if you give proper answer on users question then you surely get the upvotes from steemit community.

The mistakes will you are writing on musing is that you don't know how to make proper sentence and also you have too much of Grammer mistake and you are going out of topic so don't go out of the question give answer on the topic of which it has asked.

Musing expect topic related to the question only it should not be out of topic.

Thanks for Readings
Some things that help you on musing.io:

1. Being respectful of others. This includes being respectful of other people's work and not plagiarizing.

2. If you had to look something up on-line to help you answer a question then cite the source. Nobody knows everything so there is no point in pretending like you do know everything.

3. Some answers require a lot of explanation while others require very little. My experience is that questions that require more detailed answers tend to do better with upvotes on musing.io. This makes sense since a complicated question can require more work to answer. When it's broad enough you might also make a list to answer a question.

4. If you are answering a question with a paragraph or two you might as well take advantage of the "post to blog" option. Even if an answer you spent ten minutes typing out doesn't get an upvote on musing.io, it might on steemit.

5. Add tags. If you post a response to a question on both musing.io and steemit you can add additional tags to the steemit posting by editing it. If someone just tagged "nature" for their question but it also would fall under "science": and "education" then add those tags to your steemit post after selecting the "post to blog" option.

6. Just have fun. Sometimes you get an upvote and sometimes you don't. That's the way it is so focus on what interests you.
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To become successful in musing one should give a unique and a legit answer to the question.
People are writing more and more but not getting the same point of answer what the question says so they are not getting proper answer to their question and so the upvotes are not getting under their answer.

To become successful in musing you need go start learning and recearch of some question and solve the query of such users who has many question in their mind.

Musing expect answer which are useful fo users and which are at the point to question and answer should not be written unnecessary things ahich are out of topic.

Musing will only give upvotes when the content is useful to their users they did not check the grammer error but it should be written simple so that the user can understand the proper answer of the question.
I do not agree that new user are not getting the Upvote. I’m also a new user to this platform and I’m regularly getting upvotes.
Although Upvotes from musing.io are not guaranteed. If anyone produces a quality answer or question he/she is likely to get an upvote.
There are two way by which upvotes can be earned.
First through asking questions. Before asking questions following should be kept in mind.
Question should be relevant.
Avoid asking repeated question.
Question asked should be clear and properly described.
Second way of getting upvtoes is by answering the questions asked by the user. Following should be kept in mind while answering:
Answer given should be relevant to the question asked.
Given complete explanation of answer for better understanding.
Avoid coping others content. Otherwise you will be flagged.
the statement people are not getting their up vote doesn't speak for me and i believe it wouldn't speak for lots of people that are asking reasonable questions and giving informative answers.
if some are not being rewarded, its because their questions and answers lack substance.that is the mistake and the fault on their part. they must try as much as possible to ask questions that will make musing users benefit a lot from, not just asking questions for asking sake. answering questions in a unique way also matters. it will be too poor to answer a noun as just a name of a person,animal, place or thing.it needs elaboration for even a lay man to understand.answer with examples,write good English and construct your sentences well. also try not to answer questions you dont understand.go for the one you have good knowledge about by following all the stated points above