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If you could only invest in stocks or crypto, which one would you put your money into?

I would invest more on stocks. Cryptos are still in a wild ride not sure how low it will go but from my own calculations, its btc may drop to 1800 somewhere there before it goes up again. It's just like Amazon in the past. It dropped and lost 90 percent of its value to shoot up later in the future by a thousand time.. Imagine if we could have this time machine to head back in time when Amazon was still only usd 6. I guess by now, it's gonna be history. 6 k to a mere million plus by now.

Anyways, according to Satoshi nakamoto, only 21 million btc would be released till the year 2140 and till now the total number of btc released is at around 15 or 16 million. Then, one thing I noticed is a trend. People are slowly going to move into cashless payments. What I see is that payments coins are only a few.

If imagine by another ten years, just three billion was to use crypto as their payment, let's assume thal all those cash were converted in terms of btc or any other cryptos. The only thing now is a security issue. This hasn't fully been addressed to date. Once this is settled, I am pretty sure the adoption of these coins would grow so rapid that the price goes up. It's just like the demand and supply of the usd dollars. At the moment it is still highly demanded, what if one day, no one use it, it will indefinitely drop in value isn't it.

The think it's best to keep an eye for crypto news all day these while and invest once we see a stabilization point and also at the same time invest more on stocks as stocks at the moment still provide a stronger and solid backing of its price. If cryptos were fully used, it could be used as benchmarks to different prices of stock companies. It's only a matter of time.

Wow that's an interesting one... If it's at this particular juncture, I would still choose stocks as the less risky, proven choice. Crypto is tempting because it is early and there is so much potential there. However.... I'm pretty risk averse, and:

It is easier to diversify within stocks vs crypto, at least right now.

There is more regulation for stocks, which means you don't have to hedge against possible exit scams as much.

The laws or ownership structure ties you to partial ownership of the company. This point is slightly less on my mind because I've heard even in this scenario, if a company goes down small stockholders are probably the last to see any penny of what's left.
stocks.. definitely stocks. i never believed in "crypto investment" because the 2 words don't make sense together. There is nothing to invest in crypto unless you put your money in projects, not the tokens themselves.

It is always wise to keep in mind that crypto is defintely in a bubble because the speculation money, what i call "stupid money" does not coincide with the reception and user adoption to it. 90% of the "crypto" people only know that crypto might make them money so they jumped on the bandwagon.

I literally saw someone go from calling himself "forex guru" to "crypto expert" within a year as bitcoin rose to 10k figures a year back, all while i sat on the sidelines and wonder how the heck does a charlaton like him gets so much love (and money to boot).

Stocks, definitely stocks, even though as today's climate there's nowhere im putting money there because as we all know, a crash is imminent.

Hey, but i only got 2 choices right?

If we are talking about Steem vs Stocks then I would definitely go for Steem! Simply because I have belief to the network and I've been here long enough to see it's potential as a crypto and a platform that is able to solve real life issues.

Stocks have been around for the very long time while crypto would be the thing of the future. Within a few years from now, we see a shift of principle when it comes to money or finance. It won't take long until people will realize that there is no need for intermediaries and crypto have proven itself to be a reliable option.

So that's it, I will go for crypto😊


Now? I'd stay out of the stock market because a correction is long due. I'd invest in a select few crypto projects. But I wouldn't invest anything I weren't ready to lose completely. 

Wow this question is lovely and thought provoking,if i am giving only two options to pick

from which is stocks or crypto,i will excitedly invest

my money on cryptocurrency market because it is more profitable in my own opinion and it gives

me an opprtunity as an investor to determine if i want to invest on a short term basis,middle term

basis or a long term basis,the benefit of this is that it will make me to be able to plan ahead and know

how i want to to enter the market and when i should be expecting the profits on my investment

or i should know what type of profits i should expect on the investment..
I would go with the crypto I I have excess money and if not I would go with the stocks.

Cryptomarket is highly volatile and we could be on the roads in seconds while the stocks are not that volatile.

Moreover my country is yet to legalize crypto and I couldn't invest my savings because what if my country announces illegal!

The returns in crypto would be super high and super fast sometimes.

Finally the whole depends on the type of money I have 'Savings' or 'excess'. Excess here indicates that the loss doesn't turn my life.

Well right now I beleive the stock market is near its top now and crypto is in the trash so you stand to make more by going into crypto now. A year ago I would have gone the other way with it as crypto was peaking and the stockmarket was down a pretty good amount.