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What kind of content do you think the majority of people are looking for on Steemit?
Travel? Crypto? Food? Technology?

I'm going to try to not rain on the parade here. The real question should be:

Do people even look at content on Steemit?

Taking this to the most literal terms, this post was not even constructed on Steemit. In fact, I drafted this response over at the Hemingway App and transcribed it to Musing. Some of us are not even looking at things through Steemit.

You may respond that people do consume content, and I do not disagree, but to what extent? There exists an analysis created by a colleague, @crokkon, which covers the topic.

Here is the link to that report: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@crokkon/what-is-the-reward-pool-share-of-vote-sellers-bid-bots-and-autovotes-1535479520399

How does this relate to people searching for content? Statistics says @steemauto alone covers an average 41.2% of the total daily votes. Every single day, a little over 4 of 10 votes are cast because of auto-curation.

This doesn't even include the automation from @smartsteem and @minnowbooster. Throw in the various dapps into the equation, and we may find ourselves almost antisocial. When half the daily volume of votes are automatic, that leaves little to the imagination.

Outside of actual audience, it is safe to say that most people don't seem to care much about seeking out content.

Now, I have written out the serious part of my answer, I will deliver the cynical part of it.

What kind of content do you think the majority of people are looking for on Steemit?

The type that would yield them upvotes.

Why else would a bunch of people interact on certain threads? Sure, there are many who actually enjoy the posts. Then again, you could always observe a fair number of commenters trying too hard to earn an upvote.

Some people seek out authors that could advance their own works through interaction. How much of that is due to wallet size instead of the content is anyone's guess.

If it's any consolation, when you read this answer, you are among those who do look for stuff to consume. I applaud you for it.


This is something I've been wondering myself and, just recently, settle on an answer! So, I'm happy to share my thoughts with you and others.

Steemit is Still in its Infancy

Creating content on Steemit and engaging with the Steemit community reminds me A LOT of when I was creating content on YouTube in 2008 and engaging with the YouTube community. 

In 2008, it was very easy to gain YouTube views because - in that stage of the product - many people figured out that community engagement was the key to growth. I collaborated with many YouTubers who stuck with their practice (I didn't) who later came to reap hundreds of thousands (and in two cases, millions) of subscribers.

2 Different Types of Content

Let's talk:

  1. Discoverable content 
  2. Community content

If you were to talk to and SEO or Internet Marketing Coach about your Steemit blog, they'd probably tell you to do two main things when first starting out:

  • Only create content revolving around a specific niche that you are either an expert at, or, incredibly passionate about.
  • Only create "discoverable content."

Discoverable content is something you create that brings people to your blog from another location (usually from something like a Google search.) You make a video that either answers a question, proposes a solution to a problem, or provides an unpopular/unsaturated point of view on a topic. This way, people find your content and view it as what they were looking for. In the beginning of almost any blog/YouTube channel/etc, creating discoverable content is key for growing an audience and, I think, is the type of content @enforcer48 is talking about in his answer to this question.

Is Discoverable Content What People Want on Steemit?

Well, no, probably not. I would imagine that most people blogging here on Steemit already receive their content from their favorite sources (i.e. Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) 

For example, I'm someone who reads and watches A LOT of Star Wars theory/speculation. I searched for a blog like that here on Steemit once (about 6 months ago) and found nothing. I haven't searched since. I already have places to go in order to get this information.

Furthermore, I've never seen a Steemit article appear in a search result from Google, so (unlike YouTube) discovery from people who don't have Steemit is on the outs.

Why Community Content is King (For Steemit)

Community content is the posts you write and the videos you create for other people in your world: your current audience, other bloggers you want to get the attention of, groups of people you want to get in with.

In 2008, a lot of YouTube videos were "video responses" to other people's vlogs. I saw  and participated in a LOT of contests (sound familiar to Steemit? Shout out to @cryplectibles who created an even in which I won a signed copy of a Batman comic book!) and met/collaborated with a lot of cool people. It worked for YouTube because the community was small and people didn't know what they were doing, but they knew they wanted more views & subscribers.

I think the same lesson applies to here on Steemit. Until/if Steemit reaches a point where its bloggers can be more discoverable outside the Steemit community, community engagement & creating community content is key for growth... because, in my opinion, that's what fellow Steemians are looking for.

Why This is Not a Bad Thing

So... I'm supporting a bunch of people running around just creating content for each other just so they get more upvotes? Yes, and here's why: this is how more specific communities are created on a content creation platform. 

With YouTube, at this point, when starting out you have to have a niche channel tailored to talking about one specific thing in order to be successful. That can suck. We don't to do that on Steemit yet, I can blog about psychology one day, comic books the next, and Internet marketing the next. 

Eventually, however, through community building, I'll grow into/find my voice here on Steemit and start to narrow down my content along with others who are doing the exact same thing. I think an example of this happening now is in the #comics community where you have a tight group of people who create mostly comic book content and always engage in dialogue & support each other (and not just through upvotes!) Great thanks to @blewitt for introducing me to this community.

Let Me Know What You Think!

I could be totally wrong and I'm heavily biased with the early days of YouTube parallel. So, if you disagree with me, LET ME KNOW! :)


A big part of Steemit is actually educational information about Steem and the Steem blockchain. This is because Steem is rather complicated for new users (which there is a constant stream of!), and so there is always a need to educate these people - and thus always a 'market' for this type of content.

Because Steem is a blockchain platform, and blockchain is still in its infancy, Steemit seems to attract alot of posts about blockchain, technology and cryptocurrency.

Apart from this I think people are just looking for blogs that are interesed in and can relate to. For me that means music, Steem and technology.


Majority of people are looking content that they love and have passion for it. If someone loves traveling, she/he is looking for posts and videos that are about traveling. You will find travel blogger or vlogger on Steemit. They talk and show different places they go. This is amazing. Now you can see many places you plan to travel or have not traveled yet.

There are many posts about cryptos and its update. Steemit is built based on Steem blockchain. More or less everyone is interested to know what's going on in the crypto market. People are looking for crypto related contents on Steemit as well.

You will find posts about food and recipe. If you love cooking and passionate about food and recipe, you will read more content about that.

I'm passionate about technology. So, I read more content that is related to technology. I just love it. 

So you can see it varies from person to person. Different people are looking different content on Steemit.


I think they are looking for various topics. Something that is interesting and well written.

I look for real life true stories which I can relate to and get to know the author. A bit of humor helps as it makes it more real.

I am not into something that has been copied from another website because I could read that myself.

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Actually stats may not matter when it comes to steemit, I think travel, cryto and food are contents that people love, because before you do or produce these contents you'll have to had put in a whole lot of work in other for these kind of content to be worthwhile.

However from my time on steemit, I've found out that TUTORIALS are the kind of contents that people are more interested in. When I talk of tutorials I mean HOWTO that is tutorials on on kinds of topic that actually shows people how some particular things are done for example @gringalicious does tutorials on how to make different kinds of food @edgsart makes tutorial showing people how to draw various kinds of animal.

To show you that this content is actually sought after @curie takes time to UPVOTE tutorials that are very educative as well.

So I think tutorials top the list of the contents that majority of people wants to see because of it's timeliness and value, in my opinion

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Well it basically depends on the user who is searching.

* Few people wants to learn tips on how to improve in here, 

* Some are looking for photography related posts, 

* The supportive contents that are helping users to grow a little in here.

* Informative posts the gives out information on the desired subjects.

And there are other Dapps  that users are reaching out to :

while some wants tech related stuff for them to go on and as many dapps are introduced as time is passing by people are just choosing their own criteria from all those.

Like those who liked blogs they are going through Steemit, busy.org

While those who likes Videos and wants to make one they are just getting into Dtube and making their way through it.

While as Steemhunt is there users are rushing through the product that they are good for searching 

As time is passing By MUSING is getting to its glory as well and the users getting the the answers that they are seeking for and the users who have those answers are sharing them as well. Which is a great interaction as well.

So basically this is all.


I would guess the majority is interested in cryptocurrency because they would otherwise be somewhere else such as Wordpress or Medium. Topics such as initial coin offerings, airdrops and crypto news. Technology would probably be coming in second.