Clarity on Curation/Author rewards pre-15min post age?
Pre HF20, when an author upvoted their own post pre 30 min post age, they got 100% of the rewards (i.e. As both Author and curator). Now, The author only gets the author portion of those rewards pre 15-min and the curation portion is burned... fair enough. But what about when OTHER USERS upvote a post pre 15min... e.g. When I upvote another user's at let's say 0 min? Previously 100% would have gone to the author, rumour has it that 100% of those rewards are now being burned? Does anyone have a definitive answer on this?

There have been strong implementations Steemit inc. has implemented to encourage users to shift the focus of upvoting others than upvoting themselves by implementing beneficial changes to curation rewards for curators.

Take the 15 minute window for example. This give users encouragement to reward users for discovering posts at an early age which they can maximize the curation rewards. The closer they can upvote at the 15 minute curation window, the bigger their curation rewards is.

Also another strong implementation is cancelling the curation rewards for users who immmediately SELF UPVOTE their posts upon publishing it. The curation rewards earn from it gets back to the rewards pool, meaning a bigger chunk of rewards dedicated to geniune curators.


There is a difference in the payout from before the hard fork when the curating reward changed for the first 30 minutes.

Now instead of the 30 minute time it has been reduced to 15 minutes.

A person voting on a post immediately will get no curating reward. This is the same as before anyone voting on the post in the first few seconds will get no curating reward, Previously this reward for curating went to the author, The curator did not get any of this, 


Post voting at 0 minute. 100% of the curating reward went to the house.

At 10 minutes 33% curator and 66% author.

At 15 minutes 50% curator and 50% author.

At 20 minutes 66% curator and 33% author

At 30 minutes 100% of the curating reward went to the curator.

The other % went to the Author.

The same system applies now with two changes to the payout reward. The first of these is the time, This has been changed to 15 minutes,

The second applies to the author. The curating reward that went to the author is now gone. The curator gains no benefit from you voting prior to the 15 minutes.


At 5 minutes 33% curator 66% return to the pool

At 7.5 minutes  50% curator 50% returned to the pool.

At 10 minutes 66% curator 33% returned to the pool.

At 15 minutes 100% reward for the curator.

The same thing still applies in both cases that an immediate vote will get 0% curating reward.

The rewards to each vote are still the same as before and those votes before you get rewards from your curating. You get rewards from all those who curate after you.


The rumours are false.

If you upvote another user's post at 0 minutes then the author will receive 75% of your upvote (the author's share - assuming there are no other beneficiaries) and 25% will be returned to the reward pool (the curator's share - i.e. your share).  

So you will receive no curator reward. This is unchanged from HF19. The difference compared to HF19 is that rather than the 25% going to the author, it now goes back to the reward pool. This levels the playing field between the author voting and other curators, discourages self-voting at time zero, and discourages early bid-bot voting.

I would also argue that this is no "burning" of rewards (nor was there under HF19). Burning implies that the supply of Steem, or of rewards is reduced. This is not the case. The rewards are simply returned to the reward pool and spread over other posts. The overall supply of rewards does not decrease.


If you up-vote at 0 mins mark

Author gets 75% and curator gets 0%

If you up-vote at past 15 mins Mark

Author gets 75% and curator gets 25%

I hear that before 15 mins mark to up-vote you need to spend more voting mana. I don't know about that.


The gossipy goodies are false. 

In case you upvote another customer's post at 0 minutes then the maker will get 75% of your upvote (the maker's offer - tolerating there are the same beneficiaries) and 25% will be returned to the reward pool (the guardian's offer - i.e. your offer). 

So you will get no overseer redress. This is unaltered from HF19. The refinement appeared differently in relation to HF19 is that rather than the 25% embarking to the maker, it by and by comes back to the reward pool. This levels the chances between the maker throwing a vote and diverse guardians, incapacitates self-throwing a tally at time zero, and cripples early offered bot throwing a poll. 

I would in like manner battle this is no "expending" of compensations (nor was there under HF19). Devouring proposes that the supply of Steem, or of compensations is diminished. This isn't the circumstance. The prizes are basically returned to the reward pool and spread over various posts. The general supply of compensations does not lessen.


 If you selfvote within first 15 minutes then you will not get rewards for that upvote