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What is your favorite DC Comics superhero and why?

My newly favorite DC comics superhero is Aquaman because I am a fan of Khal Drogo Game of thrones so when I saw Aquaman who is played by Jason Momoa . I was very excited to watch his movie together with the other DC superheroes. Next year his single movie titled as aquaman is going be to showing soon . :) I am very excited to see him again. Aquaman has a nice body and has a great sense of humor. He is one of an attractive muscular man . :) 


my favourite DC comics is definitely super man. super man is the man of steel. unbreakable and unbend-able. super man is my favorite DC super hero because he put himself out their first to save human life. although he is not human, he still saves human. superman real name is kal-el and he was from a planet called krypton. his planet was destroyed and he was sent to earth in a space jet when he was still a baby. he grew up and  have super powers and he has never stopped
trying to save earth also from destruction, just like his home planet.he as a heart of Gold. 

superman has so many super powers which will be listed below;

1.   he has super human strength

2. he can fly

3. he is very strong

4. his body is invulnerable, making him a human shield 

5.   Superman can project and perceive X-rays via his eyes 

6. superman can run very fast

7.  Superman can project beams of heat from his eye 

8. Superman can hear sounds that are too faint for a human to heat

9.  superman can last very long under water

10. superman can traveling to space and still breaths fine while in space

the only weakness super man has is exposure to kryptonites . which makes him weak and render him almost useless. 


My favorite hero is Batman, because of his dark history, his way of acting, the different martial arts he knows.

Another thing that catches me Batman is his Bati-family, all the members who have been with Batman, Nightwing, Red hood, Red Robin, Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman and many more.

His iconic villain, like the joker, two faces, penguin, deathstroke, poison Ivy.

Batman has really interesting allies and their villains have good personality each, no doubt Batman is my favorite.


The Comedian.

We share the same misanthropic sense of humor.


My favourites DC Comic super hero is Superman. The story is quite understandable like batman but yet has always remain almost The same across different editions of the comic and movies production. Superman has been an old DC production and yet isn't strange or any less appealing to younger generations.

One interesting editions of the comic is the movie Small Ville. A series movies with Clark Kent as the hero (Superhuman/protagonist) of the movies. Batman like Superman is also one interesting story line to interest me because of its story line and intriguing complexity.