What is the best Christmas gift you have received from someone?
Christmas is coming and giving gifts has been part of the Holiday Season. I am curious about what is the best christmas gift that you guys received in the past.

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When I was in boot camp for the Navy I got a letter from my kid brother that had a hand drawn picture inside of people dressed in military uniforms and a big "I love you" drawn across the top. That was the sweetest and best Christmas present that I have ever gotten from anyone. Boot camp is hard and getting that little reminder from home really helped me to push through it. 


Through the years I haven't celebrated my Christmas in an amazing manner. Amazing in the sense that I am thankful that another year has extended. I lived in a nuclear family with my uncles and grand parents. My uncles were very abusive and has literally drained my life.

But when we transferred, everything changed. Especially last Christmas where I received the most amazing gift I ever received in my life. In fact, almost all of us Steemians do. Its when Steem and Steem Dollars price went up. It doubled-tripled-or even multiplied our earnings.

That was the time where I felt I have fulfilled my mission to support my family. I have given a lot of gifts to my brothers, my mom, step father and my grand parents. We were able to prepare a good christmas celebration in life.

Steemit was the best gift I received and has been giving me constant blessings that I still use with my daily expenses. It has been really helpful to me and has helped me fulfilled my dreams for my family.


my very first CD when 5, Kiss' Greatest Hits, from my dad, was pretty monumental.

though I've always fully appreciated MONEY since.

nothing else in particular stands out in mind.


though i am still relatively young but i have received a lot of gifts from so many people that are special to me on Christmas . i have a long list of valuable and best Christmas gift i have received but for the sake of this question, i am going to list just 3, because its very hard for me to pinpoint one. so listed below are some of the best Christmas gift i have received; 

1. one of the best gifts i have received and still receiving as a Christmas gift are the prayers i received from my parents every Christmas day.  this gift might not look much but it is very precious and dare to me. the prayers i get from my parents keeps me energized through out the whole of the next year. the prayers are a special gift to me because it literally open ways for more blessing and showering of more gifts on me . Christmas day also happens to be my birthday , i.e the day i was given birth to. 

2. the second best Christmas gift i have also gotten happens to be gifted two books on the same day. i was gifted the Holy Bible and a book titled 48 laws of power by Robert greene. this two books have helped shaped my life up to this moment. o cherish the two books because i literally learn about how to handle anything in life. this two books taught me to be righteous, strong, caring and also to be more strategic to all approaches of life.  this two books will make any Man or woman more stronger and helped achieve your dreams because they provide all answers to all life problems. 

 3.  And lastly, i received two gadgets that have helped to really make life much more easy. they are iPhone 6s and play-station 4 i.e PS4. this two gadgets helps make me relax more and also makes life much easier to live in. the iphone can be use to keep track with time, take pictures, make calls to love ones, take notes, set alarms, set reminders, play music and so on. while with PS4, i get to play soccer game and adventure games which will me relax comfortably. 


My best gift came many years ago from my grandmother: When I was a child, my grandmother lived with us! She was the one who made the Christmas food and sweets. Mom and Dad were always in charge of buying presents and decorating the house. This was the tradition at home, while the children's task was only to play, to eat, to rejoice in so many beautiful and delicious things. 

Every December 24th we had a Christmas dinner where we ate everything that our grandmother did and at the end, we started to open the gifts that the Child Jesus had left us. But if there was something that we all hoped for, it was the special gift that the Christmas Goblin left us! The Christmas Elf only brought gifts to children who were well-behaved.

Every morning on December 25, when we woke up, we always found a ticket in our hands or under our pillow. I remember that we were very happy because we could buy many sweets with that money. We felt like millionaires! In time, we discovered that it was the grandmother who left us that ticket that made us so happy. 

In my life I have received so many valuable and important gifts, but I think that the childish emotion I felt every year when I saw the ticket left me by the Christmas Elf is unrepeatable and unique! I felt like the richest person in the world and I always thought it was worth the effort to behave myself.


I think the best Christmas gift I have received was my first book. The book was entitled "Avatar the Legend of Aang" and it was my first book. I remembered being very excited about it that even before Christmas day, I decided to open it and take a peek at it. It was my first book and the show "Avatar the Legend of Aang" was my favorite show. The book was given to me by my sister a day before Christmas. Here is a photo of the message my sister wrote me at the first page of the book. 

I consider it as my favorite because it was the start for my love of books. Up until now, I still have it and I treasure it too much. Who doesn't want to treasure his/her first book right? I remember the first time I finished reading it, I was so happy and that became the start of my book journey


I am going to write about the best Christmas gift that I have received so far. I have received limited number of gifts as It is not really a wide national celebration. 

Last year I received a Starbucks card with a pre load of 50 bucks. That was the best Christmas gift that I have received so far in my life in terms of Christmas. I would imagine if I would want to receive the best Christmas gift, it would be something that is electronic related. Maybe a PS4 (although I know the PS5 is coming out soon), maybe a tablet or the latest gaming pc. Woo hoo that would make my day really so damn good. 

Maybe also a year's supply of BUENO chocolates. Heaven. I can imagine those snow flakes of chocolate falling downwards towards my house. 

I guess, it is good and great no matter what the gift would be. One of the times, I received a water bottle that I have been using to this date. The best gifts come from the heart and no matter what that gift would be, I would gladly be happy to receive it.