What is the kindest gesture someone ever did for you?
A kind gesture leaves a mark to the person you did it for. If someone ever did a kind gesture for you, what is it and what makes it unforgettable?
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A kind lad offered to share a cab ride with me. I was a fresh graduate back then, I had a schedule for a job interview. But then for some reason, the bus I was supposed to ride changed their route. I was not used to commuting alone back then and that was the only route I know. I was starting to feel anxious. I was going to be late for a job interview which is never a good impression for a hiring personnel. A guy approached me and told me he was going the same way as I was. (He heard me ask a metro aide about the bus route.) With my job interview in mind, I didn't want to be late for that, I accrpted his offer. It was too late to realize that I agreed to ride a car with a stranger inside. I think he felt how worried I was so he talked to me and taught me other routes that I can use next time. He was even nice enough to drop me off at the office building. I insisted on paying at least my share for the fare. I didn't pass the interview but I was glad for the experience.

A few years ago, the crisis in my country was as unbearable as it is now, and many young people had died in the fight against the Bolivarian dictatorship. My eldest nephew was a youth leader of an opposition political party and despite the fact that many of us protected him, he was almost always caught and imprisoned during the marches. Normally a group of people, including lawyers and leaders of society, would go to the police station and always let him go. One night, the country had entered a wave of repression by the national guard, and the government's order was to kill young people on the street protesting. When we heard that, we went out to see where my nephew was who had gone out to buy fabric to make some banners. All night we were looking for him and we didn't get him. We moved heaven and earth and nothing. An acquaintance found out that my nephew's name was on the government's black list. I remember that night we didn't sleep looking for him, calling all his friends. Already in the morning, after desperation, a friend arrived who informed us that he was hiding it and he would be at home until my nephew could ask for political asylum. I remember that day we cried and we couldn't find a way to thank that boy and his family for that gesture. With that action they put themselves at risk and still helped us. Thank God my nephew is now out of the country and is still fighting from outside for the freedom of Venezuela. I know that this favor was not done directly to me, but I feel it is something that I will remember and thank for the rest of my life.  

On a beautiful sunny day, I had left home in a rush for work. Only to board a vehicle to convey me to work and realized I had forgotten my purse at home. Due to the rush since I was already running late, I didn't remember to pick my wallet. I didn't know what to do. The bus had already gone a bit far from my bus stop and it would mean walking back to my bus stop so as to get home to pick up my purse. This didn't seem like a nice idea as I knew I was definitely going to be late. I was feeling so uneasy and the guy who sat beside me, asked, "what's wrong Miss?". I explained my ordeal to him and said even if I manage to get to work, how would I return home?

He said I shouldn't worry and paid my fare. I thanked him but I was still worried. It would be another trouble returning home from work. I started thinking of colleagues I could meet to ask for a transport loan. I was glad this gentle man miraculously saved the day, at least for the time being.

As we approached the next bus stop, he was about to alight and before he did, he squeezed in some money into my hands and said, "next time, don't be too much in a hurry so you don't forget your purse again" and dropped down from the bus. Looking at my hands was sufficient money to take me back home that day and even to and fro work for the next few days. I was touched. To think that he didn't even know me before baffled me, and he didn't even ask for my contact or leave his contact details. He wasn't flirtatious, yet he could help out. I was all smiles like a girl who had just fallen in love. 

Everyday, when going to work, I'd remember his words and be reminded to pick up my purse before leaving. I prayed daily that I meet him again but I never did until I finally moved out of that vicinity.


Oh! This reminds me again of a woman that helped me few years back. I was moving out of town and I left very late with two big ecolac bags. When I got to the bus stop, there was no cab to convey me to where I was going. It was after 11 pm. I couldn't go back to where I was coming from and there was no one I could call to come to my rescue. I stood by the road side and watched as every where gradually became deserted. Fear gripped me. I was afraid of what could happen, because staying out late isn't save around Berger... I began to wave to almost all vehicle that comes around maybe one could help. No body seems to look at my side. I kept waving until it was 12am. Every body had left for their various homes. There was nothing I could do than to resign to fate. I stood there tired, not even minding to wave further.

Suddenly, a SUV car stopped and beacon at me. I rushed as if there were other people trying to take my place. It was a beautiful young woman. Why are you out by this deadly hour? Don't you know that it is very dangerous to stay out in this area by this time? Where are you going? I didn't bother to answer the first two questions. I told her where I was going and she came down and helped me with my luggage. While in the car I began to have a bias mind. Where could this young woman be coming from and going to by this time. She look fresh, beautiful and very radiant. I was just looking at her suspiciously. She had a good mind but because of the wickedness of people around, I was at alert in case of necessity. She asked me many questions and we talked at length.

Right in the car she got a call to come over to Gwax. A different route entirely to where I was going. She felt devastated. She must go and she didn't want to drop me by the road to look for another car going towards my direction. She asked me what would be the next line of action but there was nothing else I could say than to tell her to drop me at the cross road where our ways parted. I noticed she didn't want to drop me to suffer with my luggage at that hour. Too dangerous for her to let me be I guess.

When we reached the cross road, I expected her to pack for me to alight but she swung towards my direction. I was surprised. Before I could say anything she said "I can't drop you here, Its too dangerous". We kept moving until we saw a Siena car coming behind us. She trafficated and lured the vehicle to stop. She went out from her SUV bare footed and spoke with the people in the Siena car. She came back and helped me with my belongings and made a u turn back to Gwax. That was how I was able to get to my destination.

She really touched my heart with her kind gesture. Initially when she carried me, I was somehow sceptical, but I later came to realise how nice and humane she was. While we were having the discussion in her SUV, she told me she has a photography studio which I located and she was glad to see me... I later realised she was going for a photo shoot when we stumbled on each other that night. We became friends since then and she has really been a blessing.

Her name is Anne but I call her beautiful Anne...Now she is my pal. She is one in a million.


@beautichicks cares.

I can't think of any event that would fit 'kindest'. I've been a recipient of a lot of kind gestures in my life.

The last one was a gift I received from a friend. I was so broke that I couldn't eat. My friend helped with roughly the equivalent of $10.

That meant so much to me as she wasn't working. We are all struggling students

The greatest gesture i can consider unforgetable was my friend just being there for me in my darkest moment and trying to cheer me away from depression,made me to see the brighter part of my life and for that i will forever be grateful.

Gestures like that shows the best in humanity and tells us that their is more to life than money,than material possessions and even if you don't have money,cars,properties but you have the love of family and friends then you are the richest person in the world.

So try  and be helpful even to strangers because they might be in a great position to help you in the future.