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What is an ICE car ?
Yes, I could look this up, but if this gets answered, we have it documented on musing.

"ICEV" in automotive engineering is the abbreviation of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle.

So an ICE car Is a car that uses a fuel source to power itself. Recently people started referring petrol/diesel cars as ICE because of the need to differentiate between cars with newer technologies such as an EV (Electric Vehicle), HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) and the likes.


I guess that the acronym ICE stands for 'Internal Combustion Engine'. That's the only way that the acronym ICE makes sense in front of the word 'car'.

Usually cars all have internal combustion engines, but with the recent boost in electric cars the difference between them is becoming more prominent in media by specification of the type of car it is - 'electric' or 'ICE'.