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WHY don't we have the "post to blog" option when posting a question on Musing.io ?
We can publish our answers to questions on Musing.io simultaneously on Steem blog but not our questions, WHY?

Do you think that is required?

That means you want to put a question to steemit blog in heading with no answer/description, right? Is not that weird? steemit is not a Q&A platform and musing is specifically designed for serving as a Q&A platform.

Now you may say then why for answer. Answer is solution to question and that is why this option is enabled for answer. Whenever someone one will check the steemit blog "with an answer in musing posted as blog" he will be able to see "your question" and "the answer of the person who has answered to that question".

Don't you think with this existing option solves your dilemma and so many people who will be answering will be able to post their answer in steemit as a blog and in all those answers your question will be common.

So in my opinion the existing option is perfectly fine and there is no need to enable an option separately for "Question" to be put as a steemit blog, because the existing option is catering both Question and Answers combined to be put as steemit blog when someone answers and if he chooses the option to put it as a blog.

Thank you and Have a great day.


The simple answer is that - it will make no sense just to have questions for a post. Just imagine how would it look like you have a post with - Just a question. No meaningful information being conveyed and just consuming the resources. Doesn't make sense right? No right!!

Imagine a house with no roof. It doesn't make sense either.  Therefore if I were to go by logic.

A post is something which gives you a valuable information about a topic, facts or any subject matter. It could be a news, information on an adventurous trip, topics, interesting facts etc.. Whereas a post with just a question doesn't have any value and will never bring in the attention of the audience. 

We cannot clap with a single hand right. Hence a post with no explanation is nothing useful and is probably considered as SPAM by the community. And when things do not have a value it's straightforward not having that feature as well.


I consider that spammy in nature. Do you want questions all over your account page? Steemit has a blog like interface. And steemian have this culture that hammers on well detailed content regardless of its quality. Imagine people who know nothing about this platform seeing a $1 on a question several times a day? It will attract unnecessary envy from other steenians. Many are unaware of what is happening here, and rightly so. So they will not appreciate the effort.

So I know musing is part of the blockchain but I want them to have their own identity. And they are doing so right now in they way they are operating this app. More changes can still be made, but as regards this issue I won't want it to change .