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Can you date your friend ex-gf cos you love each other? ?

Well we sometimes find love in the strangest places especially places we would never imagine,i can date whoever i am so much in love with,i can date my friend's ex girlfriend if it was after i fell in love with her that i found out that she has dated my friend before.......

if i am yet to fall in love with her and i was earlier aware that she is my friend's ex girlfriend then i woud gladly never want to go into such relatiobship because it could ruin my friendship between i and my friend...but just like i said earlier we sometimes find love in strangest and weird places.....


Dating a friend's ex is crossing the line. It will seem like a betrayal of your friendship. There are so many wonderful ladies out there, why should I go for my friend's ex? doing such would seem like I'm trying to bring my friend's past to him mostly if we are very good friends and still together. It's kinda absurd to go for a woman you know that your friend has been with before regardless of the attraction you feel for her; it's a no no for for me


I CAN'T do it, it's weird having sex with someone who had sex with my good friend previously. It feels weird for me.