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Where is dbook?
i hope my memory serves me well, i was browsing in steemprojects few months ago and i think i saw a project titled dbooks, It caught my curiousity. Im a regular in wattpad uploading stories whatever i could think of. So ive checked the dbooks links and looks like its still not ready that time. Ive checked the page again and for some reason i cant find dbooks. Made me think was it insteem? Or am i remmembering other sites thinking it was steem. Im looking for an application that is little similar to wattpad, so that i can post my stories here too.

I don't think I ever heard about anything like dbook though.


There definitely was a project on the STEEM blockchain called dBooks, and it's still listed at steemprojects.com, but the website dbooks.org appears to be down.

The last update from the founder was over seven months ago, when he talked about taking dbooks to the next level, after having 72 books printed there and over 1,000 reads.

That, however, seems to be the last of the posts. The time period corresponds with the beginning of the bear market, so maybe that contributed to a stoppage of things.