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What's the difference between a core i5(3.0ghz) and an i7(3.0ghz)?
The core i7 provides faster performance than the core i5, how?
Well, despite both CPU's having the same number of cores, six for the latest 8th generation CPUS, the Core i7 supports hyper threading.

What's a core ? What's threading ? Cache ?

OK, A core is basically a CPU - central processing unit, Remember in the old days of Pentiums ? Each Pentium was just a single standalone processor, but suddenly the manufacturers began making their chips smaller and smaller and so they could fit more CPUs into the same space, so then came dual-core and now on the latest Core i5s and i7s, six CPUs...all running at an incredible 3GHz.

Threads are simply the instructions that the processor can carry out at 'the same time'. Now to be honest, it can only ever carry out one of course, but the i7 CPUS have the ability to 'hyper - thread', this simply means they make a clever use of time between instructions to send other instructions, thus giving the impression of multiple threads being carried out simultaneously and it is for this two reasons that on a current 8th generation core i7 running at 3.0GHz that makes it quicker than a core i5.

I Hope this answers your question :-)