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Who are the Steemit Whales that always give support to plankton / red fish?
I want to know who is the steemit whales that kind hearted to give support to planktons / red fishes?

There's actually a site that ranks ALL Steem Accounts based on their benevolence. The site is called SteemOcean to which you can view the ranking here: https://steemocean.com/toprank

Here's the Top 11 accounts who gave the highest total vote value with @musing at the 8th spot for last week. XD

As what I've observed from ghosting around the Steem Blockchain, the whales who loves to support accounts with no regards to SP are:

  1. @surpassinggoogle
  2. @surfyogi
  3. @r2cornell

I know many people who have received some form of help from those three whether through upvotes or by liquid Steem/SBD. 


The first account that came to mind while reading this question is Curie's backer, @hendrikdegrote. He's account has been consistently providing whale support to great content creators through the effort of Curie's curators. I just really wich that there are accounts like him who is centered in supporting content creators through communities with a scalable curation effort.

I'm sure that there are other Whales that do the same thing that I'm not familiar of or haven't heard about. So let me just point out some account that act as Whale through the SP recieved from Steemit or other high-SP accounts. 

One of the is @tribesteemup, a community account that recieved a generous delegation that also support planktons / redfish but with a specific theme or quality requirement.

Let me just give a shoutout to @surpassinggoogles's curation effort when he had the delegation from Steemit, who generously supported a lot of low-SP in the Steemit platform through his curation effort and follow to a curation trail of smaller communities.

And now, allow me to highlight how @musing.io is supporting low-sp users through the musing.io platform. An account dedicated to curate questions & answers relevant to the musing community.

So, let's just say that Whales may come in any form, not necessarily in the form of investors like @hendrikdegrote, it may also be in a form of cummunity account like @musing.


Image source: Pixabay.com


I know there

1. Curie. Curie supports planktons. However, to get their support, you need to be a steady contributor of original quality content (length matters too. Aim for about 1000 words and beautiful original pictures)

2. Surpassinggoggle. Recently his upvote has been hard to come by (perhaps due to the market drop). He's a great guy that supports minnows. Almost every minnow knows him

3. Musing. I know it's a curation project but they assist a lot of minnows. Just keep contributing on the platform. You should get lucky from time to time


I think you should be someone extraordinary to call the attention of a whale.

Have a good project or initiative for the community.

I think it's hard to call someone's attention without doing anything or doing ordinary things.

You can find them in steemwhales

Here i add the link


Maybe contct them transfer 0.001 and ask for help or ideas.

From 100 whales maybe one talk with you