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Can anyone explain to me how musing.io works? is it like reddit but powered with STEEM?
First, congrats to musing.io that already got 1M SP delegation. Nah, it will drag many attention for sure. Second, i tried to join musing.io discord, and try to read all the reference, but with my low english skill, i can't understand all of it. Can someone help me to answer how musing.io works?, or how we can interact each other and earn STEEM?. I mean, what is the criteria of Q&A that will get upvote? I am sure this community will be bigger, and it will help a lot of peoples.

Musing.io is a QnA (Question and Answer) platform. If you are familiar with Quora and Yahoo Answers, it is kinda similar to those two. Either you ask a question or you are the one giving the answer. The beauty of Musing.io though is that it is built on top of Steem, so one might be rewarded for the QnA's they have contributed to the platform.

For the Criteria, you can refer to this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit

But the gist of it for Questions are:

  • Clear and Specific Questions
  • Respectful Questions (do not make assumptions about race, religion,)

You can literally ask anything on Musing but don't forget to be respectful in your questions. Take into considerations people's race, religion and traditions when you are asking one as you might come off as strong and might offend them in the process.

For Answers:

  •  Do not Plagiarize or steal other people's answer (copy edit paste) from other QnA platforms
  • Be Straightforward - as much as possible refrain from going off topic. 

And yeah! That's basically it! Most if not all criterias are really just common decency and proper decorum one must abide online. :)


First, hi and welcome! I will do my best to explain it to yo. 

Musing is not like Reddit. It is not a place to hang out to socialize (primarily), but instead a place to ask and answer questions (Q&A means questions and answers). 

You obviously know how to ask a question already, and you did it just the way it is meant to be done :) You can ask about anything, from life, to science, to cooking recipes, to car questions. Anything goes! 

As for answering questions, find any question here on Musing that you have knowledge about (click on "Answer" on the top menu), and do your best to answer the question. But make sure you understand what they are asking about, and don't answer if you have no idea about the topic they ask about. Remember that these are real humans who are wanting to get an answer, it's just not a place to get upvotes. To answer, just click on "Answer" below the question to begin, then type in your answer, and click "Submit" when you are done. 

And if you ask a good or unique question, or write a good answer, the Musing curation team might upvote your question or answer, but there is of course no guarantee. If you want to learn which post they like to upvote, and in general learn how to write good questions and answers, check out the Musing curation guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit?usp=sharing


Musing is a question answer platform that built on top of the Steem blockchain, and if you use Musing, you will be rewarded for your contribution. Yes, it is like reddit, but it is on Steem blockchain.

When you use Musing, you can get upvote either on your question or on your answer. Now the question is, how to ask question or give answer to get a lot of votes. To find out that, you will have to keep reading.

Always ask relevant question that you really want to know. Don't ask a question with a view to getting upvote or just for sake of asking.

Ask your question directly. If you need to give a little more description, you can use  Description  (optional)  to explain what you are looking for.

Avoid asking the same question over and over again. Someone asked the same question before, you can just take a look at the answer of that question instead of asking again.

To get upvote on your answer, you have to give quality answer. First read the question and try to understand it. And then give your answer.

Give your answer on your own words. Do not copy and paste something from other site. Your answer has to be original.

When you give your answer, answer the question in such a way so that everyone can understand that. You can give example or share something from your own experience.

Quality answer does not have specific length. So just give a answer that satisfies the person who asked the question. 

Do not go and give every questions answer whether you know the answer or not. Only answer question that you know very well.

Your answer should be specific and to the point. Do not say something that is irrelevant.

When you answer any question, you are helping other people, It is not guarantee that you will get upvote. Think of getting upvote from @musing is a bonus. 

The last but not least, never give, Keep using Musing and help other people to solve the problem by answering their questions.