What is Pseudo-anonymous in a simple explanation?
I heard Pseudo-anonymous when I entered the crypto world. However, after I was browsing on Wikipedia, I was confused and couldn't understand it. Is there a shorter and clearer explanation?

Pseudo anonymous means appearing anonymous when you aren't really anonymous

Let me give you an instance

If you use binance, you'll have to fill in your REAL details when you sign up. Binance also monitors your IP address. As such your identity isn't anonymous to binance. They know everything.

However, when you interact with other traders by buying and selling cryptocurrency assets, you're anonymous to other traders. They don't know who filled their orders. They only know it got filled.

Compare this with steemit. You don't have to use your real name or email to sign up. Your username could be a fake nick. As such nothing can be traced back to the real you.


it is very very simple Pseudo-anonymity is like a characteristic which the steemit.com blockchain possesses in actual sense it means being able to convert, interact and communicate with people without giving out too much information and personal details of the lifestyle of users found on a decentralised blockchain like steemit. For example I want you to take a look at this love you when you came to steemit the informations you provided were only provided to the administration for your proper identification and authentification seems like your gmail account and confirmation seems like your username and name however this information were not giving out this is to keep your Pseudo-anonymousness so when you are interacting with other uses the only thing they can see is your user name and nothing relating to your lifestyle or personal information that can be used to locate you.

In a blockchain like steemit.com Pseudo-anonymousness is really important in ensuring safety of the people using the and the fact that it is a decentralized application means that everybody deserves a right to a certain kind of anonymity or anonymousness in their real life Pseudo-anonymousness is often used in gaming platforms, online dark websites crypto trading websites and basically some other major virtual related issues. This is a very clear explanation it is imperative that people maintain the status however if the blockchain decides to trace you for let us say a crime or fraud you may have committed then they can use the information you provide to them and only visible to them in order to trace, find or catch you however this information remains impossible for the other users in the platform to see