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What should we as a community do to increase the value of Steem and SBD?
The value of the Steem has dropped a lot lately, I'm sure that by working in a coordinated way we can counteract this fall. What ideas do you have?

I don't know. Because even me, I am guilty of this. Since I only come from time to time to check what is going on. Yet I am not planning to leave Steemit and the Dapps(Musing) anytime soon. In fact, I don't have any thoughts whatsoever to pack up my things here and leave one day. Because the steem blockchain is actually very fascinating as a whole.

Anyway, at this point, it may be riskier to continue to live basically on the common platitude that "those who will leave will leave, and those who will not won't". Because first, those who have invested so much here (the whales for instance) will most likely never leave, and the newbies here with little Sp won't hesitate to leave when it grows tougher especially with the unkind gestures made by Cryptocurrency to potential investors these days.

But We (particularly the ones with heavy Sp) can continue to write optimistic posts and to raise the newcomers hopes and give them reasons as to why they should continue here for as long as forever.

Taking my situation as a case study for instance. The actual reasons behind my not being very frequent or active than before were;

First, I realized that I still have a very low SP even after powering up everything I have earned. And earning quality or heavy votes on the Steemit blog itself is still really difficult with respect to the low coverage of many quality posts and also, the lavish indifference and neglect shown by other Steemians to many of these quality posts on Steemit.

Then the only best option I can think of in getting some quality votes is only Musing. And most of Musing questions requires more time, mental energy, research and editing to get better votes.

Then I discovered some couple of activities that will bring more income with which I can use to power up. Therefore, I say to myself, "Let me quickly do some of these things to buy more SP then I will come back and help the new guys here.

Anyway, what I am trying to point out is that if some much more generosity is shown to the newcomers here it will do nothing but to eventually secure a brighter future for the whales, the orcas and the rest of us Steemians.

Thanks very much


There's nothing you can do "as a community".

Individuals in different communities here on the chain can take it upon themselves to do the right thing and when enough individuals do the right thing, change will be observed.

You cannot force anyone to Power Up, and not Power Down, to Invest, and not divest, to make good content, and not spam or plagiarize, to earn through genuine interaction, and not bid bots, to flag spam and abuse, and not ignore it.

All you can do is lead by an example and spread the awareness.


Expand you individual capacity and capability to promote steem and let people know about this wonderful new generation blockchain based social media. Tell people that, social media too can earn some bucks for them if they are prepared to organize themselves in social media like steemit.

Start from the place where you live and tell people around you. The physical conversation with someone about a specific topic has great and lasting influence than any online conversation. People pay attention to you seriously if you approach them and tell about something like steemit. You can also tell to your friends in school and college.

I was introduced by one of my friend in my college and he told me that last year he made over 1500 usd from steemit in just 3 months without investing anything. That is a great amount in my country and particularly for a college going student. Although at that time steem price was high and it was easy and I joined much later, but still I am happy and I joined only because of my friend's success story in steemit. Just imagine the potential, if everyone can be able to influence at least one friend and bring them here and motivate them to remain active, then theoretically we can simple double the current number of people in steemit.

More people means more communication and more engagement in this community and more buying of steem also, because some people may be willing to invest. Spreading news about steem and steemit is the best way to contribute to this community. If this community will grow, then definitely steem and sbd will also grow in its price.


Firstly, i will say the whole market is in bear mode so we cannot say anything of the particular project as there are many project whose value is decreased a lot with some good aim they are having. One of them is steem coin.

Steem coin value will be 100% increased in future whenever bitcoin get stable and started going to the skyrocket. But there are lot's of thing in our hand too as the upcoming test net can bring steem price to moon and as a community we can spread FOMO AND FUD for it and bring the price to up. But rather we cannot do anything instead of creating news and FUD. It depends on the team of steemit as for now half of steem team is vanished and they told their employee to leave this platform . So with this statement from the insider team how can the price of steem grow. But in future they have lot's of other plans to grow and we people have to take interest in this project for the uptrend.


It look very dificulte to answer this question. Because community always working on that.

My friiends are also have invested alot of there money. So i think this is only way that i think would be belpful for sbd and steem price.

More investments in steem will also help the price graph. I think more awarness will also help in this situation.

I am working from 5 months and i have not seen giid situation on steem. It goes down and day by day conditions becmes more harder.

I am new un crypto.... not awared it's logic. But i think it will help the steem and sbd price.


Steemit is a home of more than 1.2 million. More than 1.2 million people can do wonder. It is alright that the crypto market is not in our hand. But we can still help this community by unity. Let's decide from today we will HODL the assets we have.The other thing we can do to convert all steem, sbd into Steem power. It will give positive message and hope to the community. Hope and positive intent and hope will bring more inverters to this platform