What kind of things do you feel in a relationship?
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Well people who are in a relationship are almost certainly going to be in love and if they aren't, then most likely they were in love at one point in time, people fall out of love and still stay together. So right off the bat we know that love is something that you're definitely going to feel.

The thing is that with love comes so many other things that you'll feel and experience and not all of them are good feelings. When you're in love with a person, you open yourself up to expectations and you expect that the person will do certain things, or not do certain things and if they should falter, you'll feel pain and that's another thing that you feel when you're in a relationship.

Pain is something that everyone feels but emotional pain is something that you can only feel when you love or loved someone. Thus in a way if you're in a relationship and you love someone then most certainly at some point in time you'll definitely feel some form of emotional pain.

Of course as long as you're in a relationship with a person whom you love and loves you back then you're going to feel some sort of bliss and happiness so joy and happiness are things that you'll definitely feel while you're in a relationship, especially when you just got into the relationship with the person and both of you are still in your honeymoon phase.

Next up is anger!!! Well I bet you didn't see that coming but it's the truth and I tell you this, no one can anger you more than a person that you actually care for. Once you're dating someone and you actually care for your partner then you guys are definitely going to fight, you'll have heated arguments and you'll anger each other some more, but that's all part of being a couple.

Let's not forget vulnerability, and this is something that you will most certainly feel, at least as long as you love a person and it's a prerequisite to getting hurt...maybe I should have put this before emotional pain. Well as long as you've got a soft spot for a person you're in a relationship with then you're definitely going to feel vulnerable because you'll care about what they think of you and you'll also have expectations. The people that can hurt you the most are people that you love and the people we date are no exception. If you don't feel vulnerable with your partner then I'm not entirely sure you're in love.

Finally, I think I'll end it with sadness, well it's inescapable, you'll definitely feel bad about something that you did or your partner did to you. "Why did I say that to her?", "Why did she go and do that?", "Why isn't she talking to me?", these are all questions that we ask ourselves when we feel sad and they're also questions that you'll almost certainly ask yourself at one point in time when you're dating someone.

There are a flurry of other things that you'll feel in a relationship like frustration and disappointment but I think they're all just subsets of the ones I've already listed.

I hope this helps.

he first thing I assume is that every person in a relationship is by default in love, so that we can break down the main feelings that either or both people who are part of a relationship will experience.

Having assumed that those in a relationship are in love the first thing is to believe that the basic feeling of the relationship and the one they experience most of the time is love.

Starting from the premise of love as the main feeling, the second feeling we would experience is happiness because for no one is a secret that when we are in an environment with people who make us feel good happiness will emerge very quickly, even if not every moment is perfect happiness is something imperative for a relationship.

Going through happiness I think desire and attraction are two other extremely strong feelings that are present in most "healthy" relationships because it is basically caused by a combination of physical, emotional and sexual attraction. If you like someone in that sense, you are in love. 

Another powerful feeling is nostalgia and although this may arise as a slight and undetermining factor no doubt always be present at every moment that person who complements us and makes us happy not this. 

And maybe not always but if in common situations and sometimes determinant anxiety and depression can arise as a consequence of some scenarios where we feel lonely unloved or when we are simply far from our partner.

In general I dare to say that I have fallen short because in a relationship can appear all and no feeling because a relationship is like a great journey where each journey is different for each person.

I guess it depends on the type of relationship we are in. Those which are genuine, would really make our day feel so good while those that aren't genuine in nature would less us feel stressed out.

If a person is in a good relationship, there is a mutual understanding and the love is usually unconditional as compared to those which are materialistic.

There is a sense of completeness and no longer any emptiness in your days. You will wake up to having someone to talk to everyday. Well, I am sure God always arranges everything in a way that it will come as a surprise and blessing.

There is a sense of appreciation too and no flaws checking. You will feel perfect all the time in the eyes of your partner and usually won't get judged on on the things that would usually make you look bad.

You get a kind of support in ur life.

Relationship is the one and only way to get happiness or to get a grief, it is depending upon you if your relationship is strong and there is a mutual understanding  it's mean you feel pleasure in your life, And if you don't have a mutual understanding in your relationship you will get grief from your relationship.

Now, a days every person wants happy, peaceful, and pass through in it's life. and the another one thing which people want in their relationship is love without love life is so boring.

may God bless all of you.