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Is avoiding alcohol a healthy decision?

Drinking of Alcohol has now turned out to be a very ubiquitous attitude by almost every single person even though the percentage of men drinking Alcohol is greater than that of women.

In our world today, if you aren't drinking Alcohol people will start looking at you like someone strange because everyone believes Alcohol is a way of modernism.

The sad truth about this is that despite the fact some of us know the health repercussion of Alcohol, we still drink to stupor neglecting the consequences.

Also, no religion accepts the drinking of Alcohol. Most religion prohibit this act as it is a sign of indecency for every mankind. Do you think if Alcohol isn't harmful to the soul and health, will it be prohibited by God? The fact is that God created us and he knows what is best for us and what is bad for us.

These are some unhealthy occurrence that Alcohol causes in the body.

1) Loss of Self Control

2) Damage to the liver

3)Nerve Disorder

4) Obesity

5)Sedation and death


7) Poor mental state.

There are more disadvantages and effect of Alcohol in the body other than the listed ones.

Why should we keep endangering our health all in the name of enjoying ourselves with Alcohol. Let's try to avoid this habit to help us lead a more healthy life.

In conclusion, avoiding Alcohol is a great decision to stay healthy.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


could be.

but then again, "everything in moderation..."


I think avoiding alcohol is really a great decision. Recently I saw this news on CNBC which said that no small amount of alcohol is good for health as what is usually known by the general public.


I am not sure how true this is. Red wine i guess is a health booster. I myself, personally do not like to drink. I dislike the bitter taste and I love coffee more than alcohol. I love Shandy though. Only a percent of alcohol.

Generally these are the reasons of why I would usually avoid drinking alcoholic drinks.

Telesterone drop

Men who requires Telesterone to become manly would not be that manly if a man drinks too much. Shoulder broadness decreases and would usually lead to a more less attractive figure.


Imagine hanging out at the pub and at the same time drinking pints of drinks while ordering food at the dark hours of the night. I can imagine the damage done to the body per time the body goes through such an abuse.

Alcoholic drinks not only slows down the functions of the liver but is high in glucose and usually a person who drinks alot would have some food ordered. If this goes on, the body starts to have liver problems.

I have known many who have had liver problems and died.


Imagine one day waking up in a cell not knowing what you've done the night before, just like what happens in those hang over movies but this time it's a reality. Isn't it scary?

What if a person woke up after a night of booze to find out that an organ was removed. Or end up with some bad experience.

I know some of those who drink too much also end up sleeping in the toilet.

Anyways I think it's alrite to occasionally drink as it won't do too much damage to the body but frequent drinkers would see huge damage done especially to the liver. Alcohol after all is a chemical. Why would we want that to be our body?


Absolutely. There are some minimal health benefits to having a glass of wine, or a beer once a day, but those benefits can easily be obtained elsewhere. There is no need to take a gamble with your health by drinking. 

Everyone is different, and it's important to know yourself, and your body when making the decision to drink alcohol or not. 

Some people have a predisposition towards alcoholism.

Exercise caution when drinking alcohol. I don't personally recommend drinking it. 


I've been straight edge for 27 years (never had a sip of alcohol pretty much). You will have better immune systems for sure for not drinking any - less likely to catch a cold or fever among other bacteria. My mother who is regular drinker is always sick, so there is the genetic proof of things.

If you look things from social standpoint, there is guaranteed alienation from certain people who live in the "clubbing/drinking" world - however if you smoke weed or just vape - this can be a gateway to these communities. I know some people who only smoke and don't drink for example. 

I Do want to add it also depends on a country, not to disclose mine - but alcohol is heavily engrained in the society and its hard to find people who share same views. This is totally anecdotal however, if you look at Middle-eastern countries these people don't drink wine because its Haram in Islamic religion. But generally in western world its a practice. 

Ive read some studies that people who drank a little vs. people who drank a lot or didn't drink at all were most healthiest and had highest life expectancy. I'm not totally convinced on this, but there are some health benefits to drinking as well - i believe it improves blood circulation. 


Everyone who is close to me knows that I do not drink alcoholic drinks. Believe it or not, I am now married but I have not tasted an alcoholic beverage in my whole 24 years of existence. Some of you might speculate that I don't drink alcoholic beverages because my family is so strict. Actually, no. During Filipino family gatherings, drinking is imperishable since it has already been a habit and sometimes my father or brothers offers me an occasional drink but I always decline. Some maybe think that I am KJ but no. I still join with their talks but I just don't want to drink.

Now, to answer the question, avoiding alcohol or not can be healthy. I don't drink and I know I am healthy since I have not been sick for a long time. But my father and brothers who drinks alcohol are also healthy I think since I haven't seen them sick a long time now as well. I know some people also who do not drink but are unhealthy. Therefore, I can say that it is not the alcohol that makes you unhealthy but the way how you consume it. As long as you consume it in a moderate manner, I believe it is healthy.


For me, the reasons why  drinking alcohol is harmful are these:

  1. Addiction. I know someone from our neighborhood who is very addicted to alcohol. Day in, day out, you can see him holding a bottle of anything intoxicating. His clothes are like rags and his body is so dirty like he has not taken a bath in ages so people avoid him. I asked him why but he responded that he feels weak if he can't consume an alcoholic drink.  
  2. Loss of Self-control. I know another man who, when drunk, roams around harassing anyone he meets. We already know his antics so if he harassed us, we just avoid him. But the problem is, what if the man he harassed don't know him? He might end up beaten or worse, dead. 

Everything you take in excess can be harmful. Excessive food intake can be dangerous. As long as you drink moderately, drinking alcohol is healthy.


It is always a healthy decision.

In fact as a data from https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com there are a lot of deaths caused by alcohol in every country across the globe. El Slvador tops with an average of 17.56 deaths per day which is a very alarming.

Also, alcohol is proven to be a killer of the body especially our internal organs. Our liver, intestines and many internal organs are affected by drinking alcoholic drinks.

In fact, an estimated 88,000 people in 2015 died because of alcohol drinking in which 62,000 of it are from men and the remaining 22,000 are from women.

As much as possible, stay away from drinking alcohol. Wine is a good alternative or to be safe, drink water. 


It depends on you. I don't see any problem in letting you hair down and having a few drinks. Relaxing and having a few drinks can take your mind of stressful things.

Some people can't handle their drinks but if taken in moderation then I see no harm .I am not a heavy drinker and have one or two drinks every now and then in a social environment. I don't need to have a drink but I choose to especially when I am relaxing with friends. I think the last time I got drunk was more than 20 years ago so I am a responsible drinker.


If you are disciplined alcohol can relive stress and anxiety. If you are not disciplined then you will face having liver problems and a massive list of other medical issues. It is all about moderation but the saying "I need a drink" after a hard day at the office does hold some steed


Yeah it is a healthy decision....here are some health benefits you can get from avoiding alcohol...

You'll get in shape

A cool mix or summery mixed drink may unwind in the wake of a monotonous day at work, yet those fluid calories include. Only one 12-ounce brew has around 150 calories, and fruity mixed drinks are stacked with sugar. In case you're drinking routinely, those vacant calories can make you begin heaping on the pounds without acknowledging it. "Obviously, everybody's body responds diversely to liquor," says Wesley Delbridge, RD, representative for the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics. Be that as it may, one thing applies to everyone: "Once liquor is presented, our body needs to process it immediately. It close down each other framework to process that liquor." This can negatively affect your digestion. Here's the means by which to know in case you're drinking excessively in any case.

You'll have bring down cholesterol

Trust it or not, inordinate measures of liquor can contrarily affect your cholesterol simply like fat and salt, expanding your danger of creating coronary illness. In a recent report at the University of Rochester Medical Center, researchers found that levels of LDL or "awful" cholesterol rose 20 percent in mice who spent an end of the week hard-core boozing, contrasted with mice that devoured no liquor. The CDC assesses that almost 15 percent of Americans knock back the firewater (devouring seven beverages every day) two times per week. "Individuals need to consider how much liquor they drink, as well as the manner by which they are drinking it," said lead contemplate creator John Cullen, PhD, inquire about partner teacher in the Department of Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Your pulse will progress

You may believe that nightcap is facilitating your pressure, yet it could really raise your pulse. As indicated by an examination distributed in the diary Hypertension, 38 ounces of brew or 13 ounces of wine expanded members' pulse by a normal of 2.4 mmHg. Another examination at the University of Bristol found that people who drink all the time have a pulse around 7 mmHg higher than individuals who don't drink. To hold your circulatory strain under control, pursue the American Heart Association's proposal of close to two beverages for each day for men and one beverage for every day for ladies.

You'll rest better

"Many individuals will state that liquor puts them to rest. Actually that is valid, you will rest, yet that rest isn't as profound or powerful," Delbridge says. An ongoing report in the diary Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that drinking before bed expanded the sort of cerebrum waves that typically happen when you're alert yet resting—which means you're getting an upset, not peaceful, night's rest. Despite the fact that you may experience issues nodding off at first, cutting your mixed drink at supper will enable you to wake up feeling rested and restored. These are the beverages that assistance you sleep– and ones to maintain a strategic distance from.

On the off chance that you've at any point endured the day with liquor breath and an aftereffect cerebral pain, at that point hit the bar again directly after work and asked for what reason you're hauling the following day, it's most likely time to break the cycle. "Everything originates from awakening and beginning on the correct foot: have a sound breakfast and escape entryway on time," Delbridge says. Without the migraines and low quality nourishment gorges that pursue a night of drinking, you'll encounter upgrades to your inclination, fixation, execution, and vitality levels that last all through the whole day.


All things considered, your craving is great yet do you have determination? In the event that truly, you would not make this inquiry.

There are deaddiction facilities yet not certain how great they are and what are the costs, what are the issues and so on - never needed to go to them.

I tried smoking and drinking numerous decades back (when I was youthful and stupid) to clear something up. At that point I found that I am caught in those propensities and come up short on the control and oneself will to turn out without anyone else. Being stupid, I didn't consider looking for awesome help or ask. Be that as it may, He didn't neglect me, since He knows precisely what is happening and when to intercede.

All things considered, the supernatural occurrence (to our constrained faculties and restricted personality, they are marvels) occurred. All of a sudden, I felt as though somebody is with me, abruptly I felt a type of switches being reset in my mind. That is all. The longing, the dependence vanished, similarly as somebody rubbed off something composed on a slate and the board is spotless.

I felt this sort of security, this kind of quality by Higher Beings at some different occasions moreover. That does not mean I am incredible or blessed. No. I am in certainty very aware of my own imperfections, my very own battles with my internal evil presences, my lost fights and so on… yet like Gajendra (King Elephant), I continue battling with my inward adversaries… .and look for His assistance when I am going to fall, so He can give me the quality to stand up once more. At the point when the time comes, the internal adversaries will give up and I will be free.

Writing this long answer is to give you trust. Continue battling and continue imploring. Have confidence. Everything occurs which is as it should be.


Yes. There are no proven health benefits to drinking alcohol. Some individual studies have indicated that wine has some health benefits but that has nothing to do with the ethanol in wine.

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In my opinion t is the wise decision to stay away from alcohol. Any things which is creating bad impact on your body should be avoided. Alcohol are causing many diseases like liver disorder, dianetes, effect on nerveous system and mental health. More over it make you addicted. So, There is no need to take alcohol. My religion also stops me to do such activities