What will finally break the internet?
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If WikiLeaks gets their hands on the over 5000 patents classified under the Invention Secrecy Act. It will be a combination of, "Why was that classified?", and, "We already had this stuff that is decades ahead of where we thought state-of-the-art is.".

Then we'll also see that alternative energy sources really have purposefully been suppressed and there will no longer be any doubt that we can feed, clothe and house every single person on Earth but individuals made conscious decisions that caused those technologies not to be utilized.

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I think what will break the internet is abnormalities and paradox for example the internet needs something that is very strange and something that is unusual in order to break it trend and leeches so many views if it was a youtube video, for example people are used to say news like "Beyonce buys a g-string worth 5 million dollars" you hardly see any eyebrows wave at this kind of news because it is something expected these people are rich and it is not unusual for them to spend their wealth or their money,

What we finally broke the internet I think that are revolutionary mind boggling thrilling and definitely unexpected as well for example let's say "cryptocurrency takes over fiat currency as the world's major exchange tool" this is revolutionary because for a while now government has been fighting cryptocurrency in countries as well as in regions and if paradventure it turns out that let's see a major country like do united states decide to fully incorporate cryptocurrency as their main exchange in place of fiat currency then this kind of news will definitely take over the internet in fact break it because it is revolutionary and we definitely determine world finance and changed a lot of decisions in any monetary aspect

In other words I think I'm here to see a news that will definitely break the internet because in order to see this kind of news then the features of this kind of news will definitely be anything extraterrestrial big definitely something that the human mind will definitely not fathom so the things that will break the internet and not the regular kind of news or regular kind of things we see everyday but definitely something that may contribute or something that may have in hand a changing the human existence forever so that's the kind of thing that will break the internet

I think what will break the internet is the Blockchain Technology. Lol, but even at that, it still uses the internet. Lol

Definitely not this:

But on a serious note. I'm really not sure what you're asking. What types of events do you think will "break" the internet? Is it content that is too data intensive and the internet can no longer keep up? Is it distance between data source and those wanting to access data? Is it the excessive amount of advertising that prevents people from seeing the content that they actually want to see?

I honestly have no idea. Maybe you can clarify your question so that we can provide a decent answer.