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What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

Mom was super busy. I think I was 13 or thereabout and we had some invited guests who were to arrive in some few minutes. Mother was in such a hurry and confused. She wasn't done with the cooking yet and she had a whole lot of other chores and things to put in place before the guests arrive. She was in the kitchen, trying to multi task when I stepped in and asked, "Can I help you with anything here?" "Oh dear, good heavens, come check this food, I have added everything. Just make sure it doesn't get burnt while I go something else", she said and ran out.

I stood there in the kitchen not knowing what to do as I didn't quite understand her. I opened the food, took a spoon and got out a spoon full of hot rice, ate it and said, "The salt is not enough", then I climbed up the Kitchen cupboard and added more salt, instead of using a spoon to scoop the salt, I tried pouring just a little from the salt can but unfortunately, all the salt poured into the food. I was confused, I packed what I could out and then turned the food together. Tasted it and it was very salty. Then I decided to add more water, I turned a big jug of water into the rice and continued turning the food.

My Mom returned and asked me to bring down the food without actually checking what was cooking. I was satisfied she didn't ask and went into my room. I slept off. I woke up to a hot slap on my face and bouts of shouts. Apparently, my Mom had been embarrassed by the poison I gave them in the name of food. She was so bitter and angry.  She had spent a lot of money trying to make sure the food comes out well and that was how I spoilt everything. 

Well, what do you expect? A good cook like me, who can find? Lol

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There were so many I don't even know where to start :D

One was letting the beetroot boil for more than I should, without checking if it has enough water, while watching my favourite documentary on TV. I think I don't have to tell you, it burned so badly I had to throw away the cooking pot and buy another.

Another was not paying attention and using baking soda instead of yeast. I wanted to bake loaft bread and put the dry yeast in some warm milk with sugar and waited to rise. I know it's not necessary but I do this sometimes.

So when I saw the yeast does not rise, I did another one thinking that it's not good. I did this three times before realising I was using baking soda instead of yeast. :) It wasn't a big loss but bit was a shame.

Another time my wooden spoon caught fire :)

If you're cooking, things happen.


That is easy. Something so simple yet I cocked up badly.

We had a power failure and luckily we had a gas stove so i volunteered to make coffee using the camping stove. I filled it up and put it on the stove and carried on doing other things.

Our other kettle was a whistler so it would tell you when it was boiling. This one however wasn't and forgot all about the kettle on the stove boiling away.

Funny enough I didn't even smell anything and remembered the kettle on the stove maybe an hour later. I walked in to find no kettle but a small piece of aluminium stuck to the center piece of the gas ring.

The kettle had melted away leaving behind a small coin shaped piece that was now the kettle. It could have been worse and maybe set fire to something but I have never lost an electrical appliance before or any kitchen equipment lol so this was my first and last one I did.


last night me and wife got hot and heavy in the kitchen...it was quite a screw up...