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Why should I use DuckDuckGo instead of Google?

The Search Dilemma

The past several years, before considering blockchain applications, I grouped the idea of Internet search in two ways (embodied by companies like Google & DuckDuckGo.)

1. Privacy - DuckDuckGo does not track nor monitor your search history, which there is a significant market of people out there who want this. However, you do give up other features for which there is also another market for.

2. Tailored Results/Cross-App Search - Google learns about who you are based not only on your Search history but also other Google apps you may use (like GMail & YouTube.) In that way, the company attempts to provide you with what you're looking for faster - and - introduce new things to you that you may be interested in. You also have the ability to search several apps at the same time which decreases the amount of time between plugging in your search and getting your result, even more.

The Blockchain Alternatives

Presearch, describes itself as "an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform."

You might be thinking (as I continuously ponder,) should I really have a go at using yet another blockchain-based product? I suppose it depends on a number of factors, including your interests, commitment to crypto, and beliefs. If you think that blockchain apps are the future, then you may want to be educating yourself on using the ones that come out early on :)

You can check out their whitepaper here, and, if you want to create an account, feel free to use my affiliate link:  https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=476217. Set the search engine as your homepage on your browser and start earning tokens by using it for search (you can have it interface with Google if you still want to see their results.)

Let me know what ya think - or - if you have any other suggestions regarding blockchain search!

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For privacy, as Duckduckgo doesn't track your searching behavior or anything.

And for avoiding the search bubble. Because, as a result of them not tracking your search history, they will not be able to create a search bubble the way Google does always do.

Now, what's the search bubble?

Well, I have a sheer interest in photography, and I often look up stuff about photography, like camera's, photocontests, ...

And you, you are totally not interested in photography, but you have bad eyes, and been looking at ophtalomoligists, and glasses etcetera.

When I go to Google now, and search for "lens", I will get only camera lenses in my resultlist.

When you go to to Google now, and search for that same "lens", you will get only eye-lenses.

While actually, you may be looking for information about the lenses on the hubble space telescope, and I might have been getting bad eyesight, and want to learn more about that.

With Duckduckgo, we will both receive the same list of results, with photographic camera lenses, telescopic space lenses and eye lenses, all cleanly listed.

And if that isn't enough reason for you yet: Duckduckgo is a nice little company with good intentions from Pensylvania. While Google is a big international giant trying to rule the world :-)


Google track every move you left on the internet. Which websites you are visiting, which products you checked, which kind of behavior you have online (meaning your characteristic analysis) 

With these all analysis Google might even know you better than you do. 

Some of you might not make this issue a serious problem and do not care.

However, if you care not to give your private data to Google, you should take some precautions like using DuckDuckGo. This search engine does not keep your data and does not make any relation your data and your identity. 

If you care your privacy, you could use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. I hope this helps.


Actually you should use Duck Duck go by using preserch.org, 

Using presearch.org you gain some tokens for each search you do. 

I think it does hold a limit of 32 searches per day that will get rewarded. If you are searching more than that, the reward cuts off for the day.

When you search through google, Google keeps track of all the searches you do basically spying on you and where you search. Creating a profile of you. This enables it to target you with specific advertisements, 

Everything google does can be viewed by authorities in the US. there is no such thing as privacy when you use any google software. The information google gathers about your on line life and off line, Including places you frequent, how long you stay there If you use google on your phone,


I did try DuckDuckGo a while back as an alternative to Google - the main reason being privacy. That is DuckDuckGos main selling point that they dont track your are keep any data about you.

However, the trade off for this is that it isnt as good a search engine as Google. Google does offer more 'complete' searches, but we pay in return with our data, and it doesnt seem there is a way around this.

I ended up going back to Google, although I am not really happy about it