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How can couples spices up their marriage so it doesn't get boring?

Sometimes you might lose that spark of relationship. If you are with your spouse for a long time, it might happen. So accept it and then work on spice up your marriage.

Pay more attention to each other

You know your wife or husband very well. Do you know all? Be curious! Try to know more about your partner. Pay more attention to him or her. Feel him or her in a new way. You will find something new in your spouse that you might not have seen before. Fall in love with your partner again as you did before.

Life outside the marriage

When you are married, you have your spouse, and kids. Think about your life before marriage. You still have a life outside of marriage. Go and hang out with your friends. Spend some time and do something with them. You will miss your partner and it will spice up your marriage.

Spice up your sex life

You have to spice up your sex life if you want to spice up your marriage. Try to do something new and enjoy the romantic moment together. It will remove confusions and you will get close to each other. You will love your husband or wife more.

Do something new

If you get bored at your marriage life, it is time to do something new. It could be anything. Maybe you two always think of going somewhere, you and your spouse can go there and have a wonderful time. It feels like you are going on honeymoon again. You can do something you did before when you were newly married. You can bring variation in your life. The thing is, it is never too late to do something new. 

Use your words

Remember what you used to do to seduce someone. You can use that again to make your spouse want you more. You can do that in many ways. Dirty talk is one of them. You can talk dirty to get your spouse into mood. You can see message and do whatever you like as long as you can keep it private. Now observe how your partner responds.

To spice up your marriage you can try the above tips, see how romantic your marriage life is.


Custom and passion do not get carried away. Stimulating desire in a couple means renewing oneself, posing risks and encouraging oneself to look for that which gives them so much pleasure. Original places, different schedules and a lot of imagination will be your allies when it comes to rediscovering eroticism

They say that uncertainty, novelty and eroticism get along well. What are the perfect combo And that routine and custom, on the contrary, destroy any form of desire. They say so and so it happens many times. But it is not fair and it is not repeated unfailingly in all cases: stability, good love, the certainty of giving oneself to someone who will be there, willing, does not have to threaten a good sexuality and a full life.

It depends on us. It is the couple that removes seasoning from the encounters, the one that lets itself be, the one that allows security to become monotonous and kill the passion. If you want, you can challenge that destiny that seems bound and enjoy a great couple, with good moments of high voltage, for many years.

 the cocktail of hormones that breaks out in the first phase of falling in love, the most lustful, hardly lasts a few years. On the other hand, oxytocin, the one that leads us to attachment, is the most permanent. The key, then, would be to add a few drops of complicity, risk, play and mischief when the years begin to ruin the excitement of the novelty.

Another risk to avoid is the excessive familiarity of the bond: the couple is a couple. When the relationship seems like mother / child, brothers, partners, eroticism goes off. Unconditionality, taking everything for granted, does not help.

It is a delicate limit, because familiarity offers confidence and security, but quenches desire.

A healthy share of risk

: Domestic eroticism is covered by a veil of correction Sexual rejection by the person we love is especially painful. Therefore, we are less inclined to risk erotically with the person on whom we depend so much, and whose opinion is so important to us. We prefer to censor ourselves and keep a strictly negotiated erotic script, acceptable and even boring, rather than risk getting hurt.

add to the couple, every so often, a healthy share of risk. There are couples who use jealousy as ingredients to activate their sexual relationships, which become fiery every time the ghost of losing the other burst into the scene.

Sexual satisfaction in the domestic sphere requires what is left aside: will, effort, action. It is a myth that desire comes alone. You have to work it. Sex is not assured in the couple: if we neglect it and abandon seduction, provocation, apathy, boredom and mediocrity will settle in bed.

When the whole ceremony is reduced to genitality, when there is no courtship, laughter, games, sex begins to bore. It only works as a discharge, but desire does not flow.

It is key to dedicate time to imagination and autoerotism. Planning an erotic encounter with the couple raises what is called an anticipatory fantasy. With it, the mind, the main sexual organ, is set in motion to produce an aphrodisiac much more potent than any drug. Generate sexual tension is in your hands

Is sex spontaneous?

The myth is installed as few in the collective imagination: good sex is spontaneous; planning a meeting is the antithesis of desire; If I do not feel like it, it's because love is over or my partner has lost interest. Nothing to see The desire to work and sex, when there are children, work, obligations, often have to be programmed.

The theme "children" is key. The space left on the agenda for eroticism becomes insignificant when the offspring arrive. And in the worst case it disappears. It is usually thought that a child is a guarantee of union, but if there is no mutual effort to keep the passion alive, the arrival of a baby or the presence of the children often distances the couple.

In Entremujeres we have a huge amount of notes that can give you ideas to spice up your relationship:

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The great power of the imagination in sex

It is useless to settle in the complaint of boredom if you do not look for strategies to nurture desire. Having a stable, solid, beautiful couple is wonderful. Recover what you lost, make an effort, put it on the table and fullness is guaranteed.


The mistake many married couples make is that in marriage they feel that the things they used to do especially the fun moments they had when they were in courtship have to end. I wonder why this is the case in so many couples. Marriage does not come to be a barrier to still getting gifts for your partner, or tsking your partner out for dinner or enjoying picnics together or having fun moments as a couple.

The tendency in today's world is that many marriages are failing because that excitement that was there during courtship is entirely absent after marriage in most people and so the couoles feel like this was not how it was before marriage. I know with marriage comes some additiinal responsibilities especially when the children start coming in the picture but still, it is still essential that the couples still create out time to hang out as couple and why not as a family. Kids don't come to stop the fun but rather they come to be part of the fun.

So, i will say for couples to spice up their marriage, they should look back at their courtship days and pinpoint those activities that were memorable and they really enjoyed it. They should continue to create out time to even continue to know each other more and more in marriage. Many think that once you are married, you don't need to continue to impress the woman since she is already your wife anyways. This is wrong, you need to continue to impress your partner and surprise them continuously as you both live.

So, couples should continue to engage in fun moments even in marriage but atleast keeping things in order and engaging in responsible activities like the married people they are. I love to see couples having a lovely dinner together, a picnic, touring together, attending camps, taking vacations etc.

These and many more will keep yoir marriage blooming and going..


Try some new kinky stuff.