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Is there any other platform similar to musing.io?

There are many websites similar to musing.

Some pay rewards for using them and most do not.


The case of Quora is curious. Created by a former Facebook member, it allows you to find questions and answers and satisfy our curiosity. Its operation is similar to Yahoo! Answers, but from the beginning has tried to get answers from experts in the field and receive approval or disapproval from the community to avoid humorous or erroneous answers.

Recently it has made the leap to the Spanish public, the second language that chooses this service to continue answering our queries.


Similar to Quora, but with a less academic air, Jelly is born, available from the web, from his app for iOS and through an extension for Google Chrome.

The project is a little green, it only offers questions and answers in English, but in the medium term it is promising. In addition to finding questions, you can search for specific topics and select them to be an expert on those topics and answer the questions.

In each topic, there is a list of subtopics to refine the search and a ranking of those who answer more questions.


If you are looking for a place to ask and answer your questions about electronics, computers, Android, videogames, productivity or design, Slant is your site, a question and answer space specialized in these topics.

As in the case of Jelly, it has its own search engine but also shows the topics and subtopics available, as well as a list of the most active users to help other users, that is, to answer their questions.

As in the previous services, Slant allows to indicate if an answer has seemed useful to you and to replicate.


This page in Spanish is a veteran in terms of questions and answers. Todoexpertos offers consultations on many topics. Although it was born to satisfy technological consultations, today it also deals with law, mathematics, tourism, sports or finance, among others.

You can navigate through the sections of questions, answers and experts, sign up as a user to ask and respond and follow topics or users concretely.


With the suggestive name of Answers, Answers in Spanish, this website aims to accommodate your questions and the responses of other users.

On the cover you will see the topics with more contributions or answers, as well as a list of the most relevant topics and a search box where you can find questions answered using keywords.

As a registered user you can follow topics that interest you, as well as trademarks and other users by way of Facebook's knowledge.

Yahoo! Answers

If we talk about question and answer sites, Yahoo! Answers is a must mention. He has been with us since 2006 and has a large community of users. However, virtually nothing has changed since its launch.

The worst aspect of Yahoo! Answers is, above all, its quality. Although there are some very good content (which, by the way, attracts a lot of traffic to the network through search engines), the lack of moderation and control of duplicates and the amount of noise and useless questions that there are make Yahoo! Answers is not the best alternative to Quora.

In fact, Yahoo! Answers is a sample of how Quora could be if she does not control well the growing community that she has and lets it get out of hand.

Facebook Questions

Although not yet available globally, Facebook Questions can stand up to Quora without any problem. It has a large user base and a social network in which each person spends a lot of time per day. It is the perfect situation to promote a question and answer service.

Now, with so many users the moderation work (either by individual moderators or by community moderation) would be the highest priority, since it could then lower the quality of the site.

In addition, Facebook Questions has the advantage of asking questions to a community in which your friends are also. It is a point that Quora does not take into account: probably for us the opinion of our friend of all life has more value than that of an expert that we do not know at all.

In short, Facebook Questions will be an actor to take into account in the world of questions and answers.


Formspring is another alternative of questions and answers, although with a different approach from Quora. Here we do not ask the questions on the air for someone to answer, but we ask them to a specific person.

Thus we have a wider range of questions to ask: from the most personal to those related to the field to which that person is dedicated. However, it has the disadvantage that the questions are only used by two people normally: the questioner and the respondent. That is, a knowledge base is not created as it does in Quora.

Also keep in mind that Formspring is more focused on social networks. It is an extension of Twitter, Facebook and others, and its main use is to know a certain person better.

Although the site is not translated into Spanish, as questions to specific people there is absolutely no problem asking in Spanish (who understands, of course).


TodoExpertos could be considered a mix between Formspring and Yahoo! Answers. We can ask the public board a question for anyone to answer, or we can ask the question directly to an expert.

It is not bad, but from my point of view it lacks a little more control over the questions and answers, which although most are not bad if there are some (too many) that do not contribute too much to the community.

My favorite is ask Fm, because it is used by many of my friends and there they leave all their secrets

The list is extremely extensive


Well yes there are other Q & A sites but there is none like Musing.io

Below I  will show you two sites and will tell you the difference.

While according to the data of www.similarweb.com at the top stays



Quora formed in June 2009, 9 years ago   and it hits Alexa rank 93 (October 2018) with its huge number of traffic.

According to their information of the above site Quora receives traffic of over 500 million users every month . Imagining the situation which is quite a huge number for to compete in order to attain that level.

Yahoo Answers (answers.yahoo.com

While on the other hand  Yahoo Answers were launched in June 28, 2005,  13 years ago but they have full of other supports for users as well and they have given priority to their other services. While they do receive a decent number of traffic in their site as well, which stays above 200 Mill every month. 

While there are others as well, but this two are really counting and trending for now 

While Yahoo Answers are really facing some issues with their answers and low quality questions so better to be with it Quora .

While coming to question of yours if you are saying that there is no site like Musing.io because the site is built on Steem Blockchaina and backed by a crypto coin Steem and where is any Q & A site where users gets rewarded with actual money (crypto and can exchange it to fiat) and it just gets more fun in the way in answering and asking the question and any user will get to know a whole lot different world of Steem Blockchain. 

While yes Musing has not yet received that position yet but in near future there is a lot of possibility that a competition is coming for Quora.


The closest platform I could think of is "Hede.io".

Like Musing, Hede.io is also built on top of the Steem blockchain which means one could get rewarded there for contributing. The similarity is mostly only on the Knowledge Sharing part as Hede.io is trying to replace Wiki's dictionary. 

One could share their knowledge, observations or personal experiences there but Hede.io still mostly works and looks like a Dictionary. 


The answer is no. There is a similar site called Quora but cannot be compared as they don't reward users.

Musing.io is unique and if they didn't reward then yes there are others. Due to the fact that they are on a block chain rewarding users with cryptocurrency then they are unique.


Quora , but we all know musing is way better.