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Is there a justification for prostitution?

There is really no justification for prostitution but I as a person I really do not judge those who decide to sell their body for monetary value. Prostitution is a crime in so many countries. There is a reason why it is not legal.

However one thing made me have a different outlook to it. Prostitution as a one time thing to save a particular situation and prostitution as a profession are two different things. I frown at prostitution as a profession because I view those ladies as lazy and seeking the easy way out of making money instead of putting their hands to use and their brain to trying to achieve something for themselves. There are lots of opportunities and things you can do to earn money just like someone mentioned steemit and still have your dignity intact.

Now when having to sleep with a man for money is the last option not because prostitution is your profession, it could be something you have never done before but life happened and you have exhausted all you have, sold all you have just to raise the millions of dollar to save your dad or sibling from a terminal disease and it is still not enough and no one I say no one is willing to assist and you get an offer from a man who says just one night and I will pay off the hospital bill and your dad would lneace6, I am sorry I would do it. I would do it to save life and the end would justify the means.

Besides I don't see the big deal about ladies who sleep with guys for money and girls who go about fornication. The difference is A does hers to get paid and B does hers does her for free but one fact remains, your dignity is no longer intact.

I do not advise it. All I'm saying is, you don't judge someone until you hear them out.


No there isn't. In life we all have a choice, the problem is that some people make themselves believe that they don't have one when it comes to prostitution. It's never, will never and has never been a good idea to sell your body to men for money, there's always another way.

There are alot of women who've been through hell in this life and they didn't resort to monetizing their body, instead they decided to use their head, focusing on improving themselves and neglecting the hardships that they would face at the beginning.

I know a lot of girls on steemit who decided that they'd rather make money here than by selling their bodies to the highest bidder, they make not make as much, but at least their dignity is still in tact. I should know, I'm one of them.

I know for a fact that this life isn't white and black, no it's filled with different shades of grey but we have to hold ourselves to certain moral standards if not as powerful as we women are, we'll never be able to make it in life.


I believe several women in certain countries have justification for engaging in prostitution- an act where sexual pleasure is exchanged for money. For instance, prostitution in Côte d'ivoire is legal, however certain activities like operating a brothel is prohibited. According to Wikipedia, there were about 9,400 prostitutes in the country in 2014, and this came about after many women were left in dire need of money after the civil war. So, many women resorted to prostitution as a result. So for someone in a countrywhere exchanging sex for money is legal does have a solid justification for her promiscuous lifestyle.