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What is your favorite love / treason story?

I think favorite love story is that of Jack and rose.

The two were on a ship called titanic.. Titanic was believed to be an indestructible ship that couldnt sink.. Rose was from a wealthy background and Jack won a lottery to be on the ship. Jack was a good painter. One way or the other, Jack and rose met each other and loved each other. But many people do not want them being together especially rose finance. So many drama unfolded but rose and kept on loving each other until the ship called titanic capsized and the people died. Jack sacrificed himself so that rose could live. He died of cold in the water. And rose went on without marrying anyone else till she died of old age. Love is a beautiful thing.. Anytime i watch the movie of the story, I still cry and weep like a baby


The story of Medusa is my favorite.

Medusa was a priestess in the temple of Athena, she was so beautiful that even the Gods admired her and mortals compared her beauty with of the Goddesses.

One day Poseidon fell in love with her and he abuse her in the temple of Athena, Athena angry at what happened, cursed Medusa, causing her hair to fall and snakes to grow, removing the color of her eyes and turning them gray and placing them bronze bracelets.

But Medusa was still beautiful, so she cursed her once more, making anyone who looked directly into her eyes, be petrified, for that reason she was banished to the galapagos island.

Athena knew that Medusa was pregnant with Poseidon, so she order Perseus to kill her, Perseus went to the island, he wait in the cave where Medusa lived, he wait she fell asleep and he ripped her head, giving birth to her son Pegasus ( the winged horse).

After that, the head of Medusa was still used as a shield in battles.

This is how a priestess was cursed, raped and murdered just for being beautiful.

Source: https://historia-arte.com/obras/medusa-de-caravaggio