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What is your Crypto Endgame?
What is your Crypto End Game and Why?<br><br>-short term Profits<br><br>-Lambo<br><br>-Technology Growth<br><br>-I have no clue I just like it<br><br><br>If your goals are not listed post a comment and lets talk about them. This is a social exercise to see why people are in crypto<br><br><br>Check out the website Https://cgp.life
I have no 'endgame'.

I believe Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are, or most certainly should be the future global financial model. Sadly they have already been hijacked by traders who simply gamble on the price going up or down and simply using them as a tool to make money.

The value of crypto is not in its price but in its value in a real world environment.

Crypto is a peer to peer transaction. It cuts out central banks and removes the associated fees and costs. It should simple, stable and almost cost free.

Imagine walking into a shop and buying something. Using Crypto, the value of the goods should go directly to the shop's wallet. No banks or visa charges. The shop pays for its goods on credit using a timed SMT, again, directly with its supplier. Again, no banks or anything in between.

The problem is, no one will trust a system or Crypto that's value fluctuates wildly around and its this that needs to stop, to stop it, trading has to stop and a fixed price (which would have to be tied to FIAT currency during a transitional period) would need to be set.

We need to agree on, and only use ONE coin for financial transactions and the rest, which are little more than the equivalent to shares, to trade based on the value of the real world company it supports and based on their progress.

This is the other ambiguity in crypto and what a lot of people don't understand. When people do, hopefully the whole crypto market won't be as tied to the price of Bitcoin.

With no organisational body or steering committee to help direct the future of Crypto, I see a sad messy end to what should be a technology that could change the world for the better.

I seriously hope all the greedy and speculative traders get their fingers burnt, lose a load of money and get out of the game to allow its development as a serious competitor to FIAT.
Nah.. i'm very much long term on cryptocurrency. I have full faith that it's going to be as ubiquitous as the internet and will change the way societies work just like how the internet changed how societies work.

we are seeing a rise of an industry that might rival both the financial industry and the web industry. who you think will benefit from this? Sure some people can ride the waves and enjoy multiple returns of capital investments.. Sure...

That's not where the real money is though. When a legit ICO mooned, who you think made the most? the ones who bought in early or the ones who literally made the coins out of thin air as they work on their product?

There is soooo much money to be made if one invests in learning the skills needed to get in the industry. trade all you want. A developer can make money out of his 10 fingers.

now i dont know how to code at all.. But I aim to change that. everything is open source, i dont need to pay to learn. how cool is that?