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Death penalty or life sentence?

I believe that the death penalty should be legalized in many countries of the world. I feel that this would be a way of controlling crime. Especially in those nations where the crime rate has increased and more atrocious crimes are committed every day.

I believe that if a country legalizes the death penalty, there will be fewer criminals, not only because they would be exterminated, but also because it would serve as an example for those who thought of committing a crime. I have seen with surprise and anguish how some criminals, imprisoned for murder or rape, are released after a while and they repeat their misdeeds. Society gives them a new opportunity and they don't value it, which means they are people we can't trust. 

The death penalty would even serve to ensure that there is no overcrowding in prisons and that there is more control over the prisoners. The detail that I see is that in these countries justice should be applied as it should be, without corruption, because we are talking about people's lives, and they could not be blaming or sentencing innocent people.

Imagine yourself in a flowered garden, with healthy, beautiful plants and there is a sick tree that you have not been able to rescue no matter how much care you have taken of it. What are you doing with that tree? Do you leave it there so that it infects the whole plantation or do you uproot it? Well, that's the way I think about the death penalty!   


Death penalty or life sentences are dished out based on the seriousness of the offence committed. For instance in most countries cold blooded murderers are usually given the death penalty especially when they've killed more than one victim,  while people charged with manslaughter, armed robbery, kidnapping and other grievous offences can be given life sentences with or without a chance of parole. 

But personally i believe,  there are some crimes that the punishment is not commensurate to the weight of the crime.  For instance a public office holder charge and convicted of corruption  should be given a death sentence  sentence so as to serve as warning to others engaging in same affairs. But it's  quite unfortunate  that the world we live in grants  them diplomatic immunity and at most gives them certain years imprisonment or house arrest.  I believe is a serious injustice to the masses who are at the recieving end of the effects of corruption of public office holders and the money siphoned which would have bettered their lives. 

Quite alright some countries institute life sentence in replacement of death penalty so as to give the offenders whether public office holders or regular masses the opportunity to reflect on their lives and change while in prison but i beg to differ that this does not change them,  if anything  it makes criminals ruthless the more and if peradventure they are released on parole,  they become more careful while still undergoing their criminal  acts, thus i believe certain crimes should  with the death penalty. Anybody who doesn't  want to be convicted should not engage in crime.  It would serve as a warning to others.  


There's no direct answer to this question because the answer will be based on the type of crime the person committed. If the crime is murder related, then death penalty will be the most probable option because no one has the right to take anyone's life unlawfully. But if the crime is not murder related, life sentence becomes the most probable option.

Though I think life sentence will give the person more opportunity to change even though he/she may no longer regain freedom than death sentence. But anyone that values his/her life and freedom will not engage in crime


This is quite difficult. On one hand, death seems to be a cruel way to punish offenders and there is never a way back from being dead. On the other hand, life sentence literally means death. People that are given life sentences end up spending the rest of their lives in incarceration unless the sentence is with parole option. 

Going by the popular saying 'when there is life, there is hope', no matter on tiny, even if it is just a fraction of an atom, I believe an inmate with life still have a speck of hope that something might change in the long run. This is totally lacking in death sentence. Dead men don't hope.

Hence, even though it is difficult, I will take a life sentence over a death sentence.


In the Philippines, Death penalty has not been the punishment for crimes. One thing I see as reason is because of the impact of the Roman Catholic Church, being Roman Catholicism as the primary religion in the country.

Being a Roman Catholic, I believe that Death penalty as a punishment should not thrive in the country. Based on the church's teaching, God gave our lives, therefore only He has the sole authority to take it back. No matter how grave or heinous the crime being committed, no man has the authority to end a criminal's life. Let God judge him.

Another reason why Death penalty as a punishment should not thrive is because of our justice system. There is a high chance that not everyone incarcerated are guilty of the crimes that are charged to them. Some are only victims of false witnesses. How many innocent people will die if this punishment will be legalized?

With this said, I believe life sentence is the best form of punishment


Life sentence and slavery for murderers


Death Penalty for sex crimes of children, mass murderers, terrorists, police officers, 1st Responders, and any video recorded crime where the criminals are 100% guilty.

And I'm talking the day after the trial, not 15 years later, so they can keep appealing.

If jails were not so cushy, maybe repeat offenders wouldn't want to go back in. Maybe take away that air conditioning, cable TV, and two meals a day.