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With all the cyptocurrencies going for a deep dive, where do you think steem is heading in 2019?

I still hope and believe in the steem blockchain. Have we not seen what happened to bitcoin, it started small, and look where it is now. That is where the community of us comes in. We help it grow to light and greatness. There is more in it for us to benefit too. Only if we help it grow.

I'd soon be a year old on the steem platform and I can proudly say I have achieved more on this platform than I would have on a normal day with the help of @zoneboy @dynamicgreentk @dynamicrypto. They supported me.

Note the word SUPPORT. If we can give support to the steem platform, it would have a great effect on the steem and also on the cryptocurrency blockchain as a while ad the prices would all be favorable. I have seen the good days of steem, now that am seeing the bad days, I still choose to be there because just like marriage, I promise to be there through thick and thin. It is hard, yes it is, but I strive. I backslide most times, but I still strive. With @musing, I am able to do more this way to support the community. It's all going to be okay. And am sure by fauth, that 2019 will be better days for the steem blockchain and we're all going to be alright.

Stay Steeming

Stay Musing

Stay Supportive


Steem and most of the alt coins have most likely bottomed out in BTC value. This means the dollar cost can certainly go down more. But some OG's in the crypto space are saying the bottom is in.

DaVinci19 is a youtuber who has predicted amazingly well how things will unfold. He spoke of bitcoin as a precious metal investor and got much flak for the things he said.

This was when BTC was still worth a few dollars.

I trust his judgment and he feels buying time is now.

We will see more downside in BTC but this won't really effect the btc value of the alt coins.

In fact we might even see a small alt coin season before the bottom in BTC.

But you need to do your own research and be convinced by your own opinions. And not that of others.

Many chart always return to the 50% fun level and we are well undervalued.

Let's hope for new All Time highs!


I am sure 100% Steem will once again experience great adoption, and of course big demand.

We can see that various dApps are preparing to release their respective tokens (their independent economy) when the SMT is released.

After the SMT was released, I was sure that a large adoption would emerge, and of course demand for STEEM would increase, while prices would rise again.