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When can you say that you successful in your life?

The method of evaluating your success is to evaluate your success according to the purpose of work, achievement or achieve a special priority or not, by the time frame set by it.

You can also decide on other parameters in which to ask yourself if you have a successful mindset and whether you believe in yourself and are passionate about your work. Have you displayed your achievement in these things.

It is a fundamental fact that you can not show false excitement because it is impossible to achieve anything without it. You can achieve more success in your work only if you believe in it and are excited about it. Wanting to be successful only can not give you success in any area of ​​life, whether it is weight loss, thin-leaning, or aiming in professional life. Whether it is a matter of success or a goal in professional life.

It can also be a parameter to measure the amount of success. You can ask yourself if you are ready to work harder to achieve your goal. Sit down in your mind that it takes 16 years for a Master's degree, 6 years for a doctor, and 4 years to become a lawyer. Check that you are totally dedicated to the same goal according to the plan? Also check whether you are moving towards that goal or the path has become confused. Another way of evaluating success is to see if you have a specific plan for the next six months or one year for achieving a particular goal.

To remain centered on a particular goal and to continue progressing on that path requires considerable self-discipline. Another way to know the amount of success is that you are interested in new problems and other aspects and what steps do you take for it.


I will say success in my life if financial needs and spiritual needs can be fulfilled in a balanced manner.

Someone's success cannot be seen from the wealth he has gained but from where they can establish relationships with their environment well, succeed in socializing, foster good relationships, always think positively, always mean with people (have a good impression), have the thought that the property we have is also the rights of others.


Your answer shows the interviewer who you really are, not who you are pretending to be. They use behavior to predict how you are doing, if you are accepted to work there. That is why interview questions focus on specific situations in your personal and professional life.

Because such questions have many variations, it is better to use a format rather than rely on the script.It also shows what candidates are interested in. If an applicant is a member of the Masters Toast, it shows they want to improve their ability to speak in public.

Answer this question by stating one or two of your career-related interests, followed by a brief story about the book you read or the lesson you took to learn it.

Cooking, knitting, and other personal hobbies that are not related to your work line are interesting but there is no value for your professionalism.


well i believe that success is relative,your level of success or what you count as success depends on what you set out for yourself as an achievement and that is why what someone counts as success might be different from what another person counts as success so it all depends on your goals and achieving your goals is success itself,as for me i am getting successful but not there yet until i reach my goals