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Falcon big rocket can really bring man to Mars?

I have seen the documentary about it and recent Falcon 9's success. Well, its still too early to say whether this technology is good enough to propel us to Mars or not. There is still lots of missions to go before any successful launch. The last test where one of it's models for tesla was sent outer space was successful with now a car hovering out there. 

The next challenge for the next mission by Space X would be one where they may test to carry out missions with live subjects. This is quite a risky task but is necessary for the next steps that SpaceX would take place. If any mission fails which live subjects are concerned, it may delay the whole mission. 

If this is successful, then we may one day be able to get to Mars but not everyone would be sent there yet. The first few are those who are wealthy. Then there is the problem of getting there which takes around seven months per trip. Then there is the question of how livable mars actually is? No one actually knows that at the moment yet. There may be test but it is not a hundred percent accurate until humans arrive there. Mars basically has no atmosphere. It used to have but it leaked out and the water that was on Mars early on was lost through that. Vapourized. 

I don't think humans can be able to conquer Mars for the time being and it may be another ten to twenty years before anyone is able to really land on Mars. The next falcon trip may take another one  or two years from now. Imagine how many of these trip it takes for a try out.